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BONE Token Live Tracking on Binance


Binance makes another dog-themed token trackable

One of the three currencies of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) network, the Bone ShibaSwap currency, has its price officially trackable on Binance. Another round of rumors began to circulate after the innovation’s debut. Shiba Inu enthusiasts began to anticipate that ShibaSwap token may be listed on the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world for trading purposes.

The most well-liked coin with a canine theme has received a lot of attention from Binance in the past. A massive offer to reward new members with 45K SHIB coins with 100% APY was announced this month by Binance Learn and Earn.

As word of Shibarium’s impending release spread across social media channels, BONE began to get a lot of attention. The Bone ShibaSwap listing was formally revealed at the beginning of June by the Seychelles-based BTCEX Exchange.

Bone Live-tracking
Bone Live-tracking

Why is BONE expected to get listed for trading?

In Shibarium, BONE will be significant. The native “Gas Token” on SHIB Layer 2 service, will offer the required capacity to process smart contracts. Transactions will allegedly be used in conjunction with the token. Currently, it serves as ShibaSwap’s governance token, enabling the SHIB Army to contribute to new proposals. The user’s vote has more influence in these upcoming decisions based on the number of BONEs they own. 

Whether the token will finally be registered on Binance is yet unknown. As we all know, a token needs to be sufficiently well-liked and in-demand to be enumerated on Binance. It also needs to be able to excite the crowd and cause wild price fluctuations. Only the MEXC exchange has completely marketed BONE so far, but this is merely a drop in the bucket. The long-awaited debut of Shibarium, which includes proof of BONE utilization as a functional token, and the involvement of such a vibrant community as the Shib army may help to increase the circulation of BONE once again on major platforms.

Ujan Chakraborty
Ujan Chakraborty
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