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Is Shibburn launching an app to burn Shiba Inu tokens?

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  • A new program from Shibburn Tracker allows for significantly larger burning of Shiba Inu coins than what is currently possible.

Shibburn Twitter Post

The Shibburn Twitter account, which is the face of the burn monitoring website that bears the same name, just announced the development of a mobile phone app that would make it simpler to burn Shiba Inu tokens. Both Android and iOS users may now download the app. Additionally, the launch of the primary app is anticipated.

Shibburn tweeted that Shibburn Radio commissioned the development of the Alexa Skill app. On September 2, it unveiled a new scheme that also involves delivering Shiba Inu coins to expired addresses in order to burn them. They also mentioned in a tweet from the beginning of September that this project will have its own website and also that live DJs will be using it in a session. Shibburn Radio was 95% complete at the time.

Shibburn announced the purpose of this initiative in a Twitter thread, stating that it was to draw sponsorship in the hopes of burning more SHIB and raising awareness of it among potential consumers. Since additional sponsors would be pricey, they would contribute to the operation of this radio program.

Shiba Inu rises in WhaleStats

Shiba Inu in WhaleStats
Shiba Inu in WhaleStats

Regarding the burning, according to Shibburn, the SHIB army was able to transfer 31,161,408 meme coins to “inferno” accounts during the course of the last 24 hours. Comparing the quantity of SHIB that had already been burned, increased the rate of consumption by about 48%.
According to information provided by the wallet monitoring firm WhaleStats, the top ETH holders have removed an astounding quantity of Shiba Inu coins from their accounts during the last two days. They had 12,910,306,239,600 meme tokens, or a total of $155,181,881 in SHIB, in their possession as of September 13. According to the platform, these wallets had fewer SHIB the next day, totaling the $145,441,075 value of these currencies. Currently, the biggest Ethereum whales have an equal amount of $143,792,469 in SHIB.

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