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Apple is taking a giant leap into the metaverse

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Apple’s entry into the metaverse

A high-end mixed-reality headset, Apple’s first significant foray into the metaverse, expected to make its public debut this spring after years of research.

In advance of its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Which usually takes place in June, the tech giant expected to demonstrate its hybrid headgear in the upcoming months. Apps for the gadget, which may dubbed the Reality Pro, are apparently already being created by some independent developers.


The integrated augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headgear will allegedly delivered later this year. Along with new iPhones and other updated Apple gadgets, following the spring unveiling. Even though rumored to internally termed “Borealis,” the software system for the headset will apparently called xrOS.

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Will the high-end price sabotage the growth?

Apple in metaverse
Apple in metaverse

The Reality Pro headset anticipated to be a high-end product with a base price as high as $3,000. Making it far more costly than the consumer-oriented Quest 2 VR headset ($399) and Meta’s latest Quest Pro mixed reality headset ($1,499).

That’s a high amount to pay for wearables, but Apple gadgets are frequently more expensive than competitors and provide more features and polish. In this instance, the Apple Reality Pro anticipated to be a potent standalone headset that can handle intense Immersive experiences. And can stack digital visuals on top of users’ perspectives of their environment. Without the need for a smartphone or a computer.


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