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Binance Upcoming Listings Might be Beneficial

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Binance listings in high demand, Credit: Forbes

Binance is about to list more tokens

According to daily trading volume, Binance is still the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, giving tokens listed on the site massive exposure to the general public. As a result, new Binance listings are frequently in high demand and many of them provide extraordinary profits quickly.

Upcoming listings on Binance, Credit: Analytics Insight
Upcoming listings on Binance, Credit: Analytics Insight

The selected tokens

Lucky Block is the first item on our list of forthcoming Binance listings. This project is probably already well-known to many cryptocurrency investors because earlier this year it became the quickest cryptocurrency to ever attain a market valuation of $1 billion. Decentralized, fair, and transparent daily tournaments are available on the NFT platform Lucky Block. The native token of Lucky Block is called LBLOCK, and it follows the BEP-20 protocol. 

Reserve is another recent initiative that could be listed on Binance. Reserve is developing decentralized, stable money that cannot be shut down. People will be able to carry out low-cost, zero friction cross-border exchanges using this currency, which is difficult to do with the way payments are currently set up. The “R$” stable currency is being created to fight inflation, a critical problem in the financial system.

Another prospective forthcoming Binance listing that belongs to the cryptocurrency gaming industry is BlaBlaGame. This project has enabled approximately 35,000 games of the well-known “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game on the blockchain. More than 1,500 users make up BlaBlaGame’s user base, giving it a strong foundation of support from the start. Users who play BlaBlaGame have the option to wager on the results. Every time someone wins, they will receive payment in BLA, the native token of BlaBlaGame.

In order to lower customers’ energy costs, Serenity describes itself as a “next-gen renewable energy retailer.” The eco-friendly habitat of Serenity also aims to reduce carbon emissions which attracted Binance. By collaborating with national electricity providers and assisting with the switch to renewable energy sources and the blockchain, this will be accomplished. An essential component of the ecosystem that enables people to use Serenity’s offerings is the Serenity token (SET).

Our list of forthcoming Binance listings is concluded with Bet2ken. Online sportsbook Bet2ken offers complete support for a number of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the Bet2ken community is set up as a DAO, which allows users to vote on numerous functions.

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