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Bitgert BRC20 is still a threat to Solana and Cardano

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Bitgert chain’s zero gas fee

The BRISE crew boasts one of the greatest delivery times in the cryptocurrency industry for its roadmaps. Even the majority of the more recognized and venerable currencies have struggled to match Bitgert’s rapid roadmap implementation and revolutionary distribution channels. One of the characteristics that distinguished Bitgert is this.

BRC20 Zero Gas Fee Blockchain
BRC20 Zero Gas Fee Blockchain

The BRC20 chain, which has a $0 gas price, represents one of the most important items it has produced. Even though it has only been around for a year as of this writing, the item is what has given it popularity and market dominance.

Stiff competition for Solana and Cardano

Solana and Cardano are two significant currencies that are enduring the heat from the no gas charge network. Blockchain technology was also created by the Solana and Cardano programs, but the Bitgert network has mostly overcome these drawbacks.

With no gas fee, the expensive gas charge has been resolved by the BRC20 platform. This has reduced the gas cost to $0.00000001, rendering it far less expensive than the Solana and Cardano chains. For the Solana and Cardano networks, the gas charge is still a significant issue.

Solana and Cardano in competition with Bitgert
Solana and Cardano in competition with Bitgert

The rapidly expanding Bitgert blockchain functionality is also a worry for the Solana and Cardano developers. The Bitgert squad is creating initiatives and goods for the network, such as gateways that are greatly enhancing the Brise chain’s functionality. Cardano, Solana, and several other blockchain-based cryptocurrency initiatives will face intense competition from Bitgert.

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