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Bitgert emerged through the market crash of 2022!

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2022 has emerged as among the most negative years in the history of the cryptocurrency business following the bullish year of 2021. From a $3T market valuation in November 2021 to $800B in November 2022, the market has drastically declined. This is a 74% decrease over the previous 12 months. Bitgert (BRISE) is one of the currencies that have performed exceptionally well on the market this year despite the drop. It saw a significant gain in value in 2022 and led to extremely wealthy investors.

Performance of the Bitgert Price in 2022 

One cryptocurrency that has done very well so far this year in increasing its value is BRISE. Looking at the CMC charts, Bitgert is one of the currencies that has generated strong gains for its investors this year while nearly every one of the top 100 crypto coins is still in the black.

In 2022, Bitgert had a 7% growth, and this was following the market’s most recent crypto meltdown.

BRISE must make a 10X increase


According to cryptocurrency researchers, Bitgert will see a growth of more than 10X in 2022. The market performance for the remaining days of this year being examined. Despite the adverse markets, the Bitgert team’s innovations will protect this coin from collapsing in the next few days.

One of the main things that anticipates to cause the performance of this currency to soar is the release of the goods on the roadmap V2. This roadmap includes a number of innovative items, and according to crypto experts, because of their widespread use that the Bitgert coin predicted to soar. 

The plethora of collaborations that Bitgert has formed and will form in the coming weeks have also been cited by cryptocurrency analysts as a factor that will cause $BRISE to increase by 1000% before the year is over. These collaborations have already made a significant contribution to the expansion of BRISE adoption.

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