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Bitgert is intimidating the large players in the market

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One of the few cryptocurrencies, Bitgert (BRISE), is anticipated to kill two zeros this month and reach $0.00001. This comes after a 100-fold increase. Most other coins are concerned about this expansion, particularly the initiatives that Brise is competing with.

Bitgert growth moving rapidly

Large players are now in a panic because of Bitgert’s capacity to produce this price growth. With such rapid growth, BRISE may end up being the most desirable currency this month.

Massive purchasing pressure will have an adverse effect on the market, leading to a cascade effect that will harm the performance of major companies as their investors sell to purchase Bitgert. Big coins are thus surprised by this price projection.

The enormous expansion and advancements that the team is working on have made this growth possible. One of the main drivers of this increase will be the widespread acceptance of $BRISE in the coming weeks due to the expanding use of Bitgert goods.

What might cause the 100X growth?

Recent updates from Bitgert developers
Recent updates from Bitgert developers

The Bitgert team is focusing on the roadmap V2, which is the plan that will significantly expand the Brise chain’s product offering. The disruptiveness of the next items is what makes this plan the most appealing, though.

The Brise centralized exchange was already introduced three weeks prior, and its popularity is increasing. The demand for the BRISE exchange is anticipated to soar once the order books go live. By increasing BRISE acceptance, this will cause a huge boost in the coin’s price.

In terms of collaborations, Bitgert is also launching a number of initiatives. Tens of initiatives have already been started in the previous few weeks, and more will do so this month. Another aspect that will increase the bullishness of Bitgert currency is its adoption.

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