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Bitgert Pledged to Donate $5 Million to Binance!

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  • Bitgert has promised to donate $5 million worth of cryptocurrency to the Binance ecosystem. The condition for it is if Brise will be up for inclusion on the cryptocurrency exchange. 

Bitgert might get registered on Binance

The blockchain environment disruptor Bitgert’s (Brise) cryptocurrency project is one of the highly discussed cryptocurrencies in 2022. Now the project will turn one in July 2022, and the development and improvements done so far have been perfect.

The Brise environment, which consists of decentralized banking, Web3 companies, and nonfungible coins, is rapidly growing. If Brise gets approved for registration on the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitgert has promised to donate $5 million worth of the token to the Binance population. 

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, had invited the virtual currency community to recommend the next token the Binance exchange should introduce in a Twitter post. This prompted Bitgert to make the above response. The project’s listing on the Binance market will be one of its major accomplishments in 2022. The currency has previously made known that talks with a major tier-1 platform are ongoing. The most current monthly upgrades released a couple of days ago are consistent with this.

Will Binance agree to this offer?

Bitgert offers $5million to Binance, Credit: Cryptospace
Bitgert offers $5million to Binance, Credit: Cryptospace

One of the most intriguing cryptocurrency startups in 2022 was Bitgert. The BRC20 chain was the very first network in the industry with no gas fees. And it instantly attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency industry when it unveiled. Although many cryptocurrency specialists claim that it is the blockchain environment that is growing most quickly in 2018. The infrastructure will see several new advancements in the months to come. If Binance will register Bitgert is unknown. After comparing Bitgert to the currencies that Binance has previously listed, it is clear that it possesses all the requirements for listing on the exchange. Accordingly, Bitgert has outperformed the majority of the currencies listed on Binance in regards to innovations, performance, and cost albeit being just a 12-month-old startup.

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