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Bitgert Surpassed Bitcoin’s Purchase Demand after Crypto Meltdown

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After Coinmarketcap certified BRISE, it entered the top 200 coins. The Bitgert currency launched at #221 after the authentication, but as of this writing, it has climbed to #216. Following this news, Bitgert reported an increase in purchasing demand.

Bitcoin performance decreased by 60%

One of the top-performing currencies on the marketplace after the latest crypto meltdown was Bitgert. The cryptocurrency withstood the intense selling pressure and had one of the largest rebounds today compared to Bitcoin. Over the last day, BRISE has climbed by 3%, more than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin falling behind, Credit: Business Today
Bitcoin falling behind, Credit: Business Today

The significant purchasing force Bitgert has been under over the previous few weeks was a big factor in the currency’s stellar showing during the crash. The coin’s 180% increase over the preceding period is only a sign of how intense the purchasing impulse is.

In 2022, Bitgert has been performing much better than Bitcoin overall, not just during the most recent crash.  BRISE had grown 174% in value compared to the performance and cost of 2022, while Bitcoin had decreased 60%. That is how miserably Bitcoin has been doing vs BRISE.

Why did Bitgert perform better than Bitcoin?

As was already established, Bitgert benefited greatly from the tremendous purchasing pressure the currency generated during the most recent crypto crisis. The enormous usefulness that BRISE is producing is what is putting this pressure on. The adoption of the BRC20 blockchain has been essential to increasing BRISE adoption. Holders of Bitcoin are also being drawn in by the $0 gas charge.

Bitgert crushing Bitcoin
Bitgert crushing Bitcoin

Unlike Bitcoin, the Bitgert community is growing more quickly. In practice, BRISE is more revolutionary than the roadmaps for Bitcoin. The recent announcement about the Bitgert model BX1022 SUV is creating a lot of hype in the market.  The Paybrise, CEX, NFT marketplace, OS, and several more revolutionary innovations are all on the second iteration of its roadmap.

With the launch of these items and the acceptance of the chain, $BRISE has emerged as one of the industry’s most alluring currencies. Because of this, BRISE performed better during the current crash than Bitcoin.

Ujan Chakraborty
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