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Bitgert Team has updated recent ventures for November

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The community has been informed of new developments by Bitgert (BRISE) during the past several days. The team delivered a number of updates on Monday, the final day of October, which will undoubtedly make BRISE highly appealing to investors in November. Here are the vital changes that crypto investors should be aware of.

Free bridge assistance

Their free bridge support, which was unveiled on Sunday, October 30, is one of the major enhancements. Crypto aficionados will soon have the option to bridge their currencies to the Bitgert network for free, in accordance with a tweet from the team. They may make their currencies exist on many chains because of the bridge.

As more individuals bridge their assets to make use of the Bitgert chain’s zero gas charge and other advantages, this is a significant step that will improve the utility and acceptance of the Bitgert blockchain.

Bridge-2-Bitgert Framework

The market has reacted well to another release that the BRISE developers provided yesterday. The team is developing this new tool to promote the adoption of the Brise network. Good CNC initiatives will find it simple and cost-free to bridge to the blockchain using the Bridge-2-Bitgert solution. Additionally, they will receive free liquidity and bridging support. 

Paybrise Is About to Drop

Paybrise Payment Solution
Paybrise Payment Solution

Recent developments indicate that Paybrise, a payment system, may launch soon. The team is now putting the finishing touches on the product in preparation for the BETA release, which is imminent. The enormous potential that Bitgert possesses as a payment platform will be unlocked through Paybrise.

These crucial changes will elevate Bitgert to the top of the industry this year. There will be further updates this week.

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