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BONE got whitelisted before the Shibarium launch

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OpenOcean: DEX aggregator

A DEX aggregator named OpenOcean has revealed that, before introducing Shibarium, it whitelisted BONE, Shiba Inu’s governance token. On most chains, OpenOcean, a DEX, and cross-chain swap aggregator offer swap return with intelligent routing. As anticipation for the introduction of Shibarium rises, ShibaSwap is still in the news. BONE is still the most popular trending topic on Twitter right now. 

BONE is supported by iSafePal now

Similarly to that, SafePal, a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet, has declared that the iSafePal software wallet now supports BONE. As previously mentioned, the Shibarium official Twitter account released a statement stating that BONE only token needed for gas payments and use on Shibarium and will continue to be the only one.


Shibarium Benefits, Credit: Watcher Guru
Shibarium Benefits, Credit: Watcher Guru

Shibarium has been built for SHIB rather than for the benefit of other projects, it was stressed that no additional tokens would be required to function within the protocol. The Layer 2 solution, according to the team, is a community asset and will always include assistance with Shiba Inu’s expansion.

 With such hope, the price of BONE has increased by 28% week over week.

The Shibarium network, which will gradually evolve into a socially important basis for all things connected to the Shibarium Layer 2 networking and protocol, has continued to build a sizable Twitter following ahead of the much-awaited debut of the Shibarium beta.


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