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Can Floki Inu take over the meme coin market?

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Floki Inu Origin Story 

An unidentified group of programmers who were ardent fans and active supporters of the Shiba Inu society produced Floki Inu. It built on the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Blockchain.

This meme coin, like all others, was motivated by Elon Musk’s Twitter activity. After Elon announced through Twitter that his Shiba Inu dog’s name will be Floki, the currency inspired by it.

A week after commencing the project, the original creator gave up because he discovered that the token agreement had an inflationary fault. Under the direction of the present team, the Floki community resurrected the initiative.

Floki Inu surging through, Credit:
Floki Inu surging through, Credit:

The Ecosystem

The creators of Floki Inu believed they are different from other meme currencies because they seek to leverage the value of memes.

In July 2022, the Floki Gemstone NFTs were introduced. All Floki Ecosystem products become useable by NFT holders without incurring any transaction costs. For owners of Gemstone NFT, all courses at Floki University would be free. The Floki Debit card will also be available to holders ahead of schedule.

The NFT was available to anybody who purchased FLOKI coins worth at least 0.2 ETH on improved FLOKI contractual domains after 2 PM UTC on January 23, 2022, providing they kept the FLOKI tokens in their possession for a minimum of 48 hours.

The coin’s value dropped to a little under 0.0000048433 in June 2022. Following that, it reached a new global high at about 0.0000178931 and produced a powerful rebound of over 270%.

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