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Did Bitgert hit a minor setback?

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The Crypto market dropped again

The third week of September saw a gloomy start for the cryptocurrency industry. The value of the cryptocurrency market as of this writing has dropped 7% over the previous day. For the previous day, all the major coins were losing money. The recent drop has had an impact on Bitgert. 

But how will BRISE perform in the week? Well, it is expected to increase in value. The cryptocurrency community predicts that Bitgert will maintain the rise starting in the middle of this week. 

Bitgert traders are still optimistic

Bitgert investors are more optimistic than ever
Bitgert investors are more optimistic than ever

Despite the modest decrease in the currency reported this morning, BRISE is expected to do well. Actually, this week, crypto professionals are more optimistic about BRISE than they are about other currencies. This compares the recent patterns in BRISE pricing to those of its competitors.

This weekend, Bitgert put in a strong performance, as the BRISE rose by even more than double digits. In contrast to some of the major currencies, BRISE investors have been protected by yesterday’s profits throughout the market drop. 

BRISE value prediction

This week, the price of Bitgert is expected to soar by 50%. At the time of writing, the BRISE value was $0.0000005734. This price forecast suggests that BRISE might close the week selling above $0.0000008601. For the BRISE traders that bought the currency today, this will represent a significant profit.

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