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Did the Ethereum merge affect the Bitgert blockchain?

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The merger disappointed investors

The success of the Ethereum merge has the crypto sphere buzzing. The merger disappointed investors who anticipated a price explosion for Ethereum after the effective switch to POS. However, the market has felt the impact widely.

The Ethereum merger has had an impact on the majority of currencies. Projects that relied on Ethereum’s subpar performance are most severely impacted. In reality, a large number of investors have switched to EVM chains as a result of the Ethereum blockchain’s poor scalability and high gas charge.

Bitgert still holds the market power

Bitgert, Credit: Twitter
Bitgert, Credit: Twitter

One of the initiatives that emerged to overcome the Ethereum chain restrictions was Bitgert (BRISE). The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has continued to be the quickest and most affordable chain on the market over the past few months. Bitgert would thus be the ideal choice for the Ethereum programmers as an EVM chain. That is one of the factors contributing to Bitgert’s rapid increase in purchasing pressure.

But even after the Ethereum merger, this has not altered. Even now, the Bitgert blockchain is more affordable and quicker than the Ethereum network.

In reality, even after the integration, the Bitgert zero gas price ($0.00000001) remains far less expensive than the Ethereum gas charge. The Bitgert chain’s transaction processing time is faster than Ethereum’s.

Therefore, the Ethereum merge has not had an impact on the Bitgert currency. In reality, Bitgert will continue to be a wise investment over the coming weeks.

Ujan Chakraborty
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