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Internet Explorer Bidding Farewell

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Internet Explorer discontinuation announcement

For years, Microsoft has been gradually abandoning Internet Explorer in favor of the contemporary Microsoft Web browsers. It’s getting close to the finish line of an era. On Wednesday, June 15, approximately 27 years after its inception on August 24, 1995, Microsoft will officially cease Explorer maintenance on several Windows versions. The desktop version of Explorer will be deactivated. When users launch Internet Explorer 11, they will be immediately transferred to a different Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer was among the most popular methods to browse the internet just after its release in 1995. Later, Edge had superseded it as the company’s favored browser by 2016. Even though the internet explorer is no longer as prevalent as it used to be, many enterprises still use it to run corporate apps. To combat this, Microsoft has incorporated any Explorer feature into Microsoft Edge which enables such apps to continue to operate. Microsoft Edge not only provides a quicker, more reliable, and more modernized web experience over Explorer, but it also addresses a significant issue. The Explorer mode (IE Mode) enables interoperability with old, legacy online services.

Why is the news less shocking to people?

It’s unlikely that anyone is surprised by Explorer’s retirement, given Microsoft has already been urging users to abandon the browser for years. It stated its intention to stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 in Windows operating system and Microsoft office 365 in August 2020. It was confirmed with a formal announcement of the Explorer 11 computer platform’s discontinuation planned on May 19, 2021. On November 30, 2020, Microsoft stopped supporting Explorer in Teams, and on August 17, 2021, it stopped supporting all Microsoft 365 applications and services.

Explorer: Current situation in the web browser market 

We, at 5minutecoins, have gathered the information that Internal Explorer is still used by 28% of internet users as of this month. Explorer, formerly the most often used online browser, had been steadily declining for decades. In 2010, its share of the market of browsers fell beneath 50%, and it today accounts for fewer than 5% of the marketplace. According to this assessment, over two-thirds of users prefer Chrome Browser, while around 18 percent of the surveyed use Apple’s Safari. 

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