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Is Bitgert a Good Investment for Traders?

Want to know if the hype about Bitgert is worth your attention? Read this blog to know if Brise is a suitable investment.

What is Bitgert?

Bitgert introduces itself in 2021, offering a blockchain and ecosystem that will change the game. Sarang Pokhare, the project’s founder, set out to build the first ecosystem with almost limitless scalability and no transaction costs. In theory, he succeeded in doing that with Bitgert. The Proof of Authority consensus method is a novel one that is utilized by the Bitgert ecosystem. This blockchain uses native cross-chain connectivity and the full power of Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs) through PoA.

For Bitgert, having EVM compatibility is a significant bonus. As a result, developers creating on the Ethereum blockchain may quickly switch to the Brise Chain. Devs can also create hybrid decentralized apps (DApps), a kind of DApp that runs on many blockchains.

The Brise Blockchain

Initially only available on the Binance blockchain, the BRISE token now powers the Brise chain, the native blockchain of the Bitgert company.

The BRISE coin, which runs on the Brise chain, fuels the Bitgert ecosystem. Once more, this blockchain employs a distinctive Proof of Staked Authority PoA consensus process. A small number of nodes are used in this special consensus process and are rotated in and out according to governance. Additionally, the Brise chain’s governance is stake-based.

The Brise chain, according to Bitgert’s website, is a blockchain with no gas fees. According to their website, the Bitgert team has created an infrastructure that effectively makes it free to utilize the Brise blockchain.

Is Bitgert legit or a scam?

Is it a scam?
Is it a scam?

The Bitgert initiative has generated debate and rumors online, especially in relation to the founders’ identity, the audits it has completed, its decentralization, and its charity activities. Analysts and investors have expressed concern about the project’s near-zero charge and speeds of up to 100,000 transfers per second promises. If the blockchain’s alleged features are accurate, it begs the issue of why it isn’t adopted by more crypto aficionados.

According to the project, the blockchain trilemma—in which expanding scalability frequently compromises security or decentralization—has been resolved by the Bitgert platform. Scalability might also be affected negatively by increasing decentralization or security.

Although the project makes claims of being safe and decentralized, neither claim is supported by material that is easily accessible. Due to their advanced technology, Bitgert Chain would have been the first to accomplish so and most likely would have attracted considerably more attention if they had really solved the blockchain trilemma.

The Bitgert team’s own platform audits, which were conducted as part of the project, have also drawn criticism. The team rated their own security as being 98%, which raised questions about the platform’s openness and security.


From a particular vantage point, the market for cryptocurrencies today is too full of goods and services. Hundreds of new initiatives enter the market each day, the majority of which have little to no value. Some people provide little value, while others bring phony enterprises that make empty claims. There is a slim possibility that you will uncover a single trustworthy and worthwhile project among these hundreds of others.

The Bitgert organization makes a lot of promises, just like any other enterprise on the market. The core components of Bitgert’s ecosystem include an exchange, a native blockchain, and cross-chain connectivity, according to its plan. Transparency and honesty, as Bitgert refers to them, are their key selling points.

They assert that their technology is decentralized since its validators are dispersed around the world. Additionally, according to this group, their blockchain can expand to 100,000 transactions every second while charging no gas expenses.

Bitgert Blockchain. Credit: CryptoStars
Bitgert Blockchain. Credit: CryptoStars

Bitgert is a good investment or not?

Whether Bitgert or the project’s token, BRISE, is a wise investment is difficult to determine. As of December 15, 2022, the price of a single BRISE token is a pitiful US$0.000000380940. With a diluted price of US$380 million, the ultimate supply of tokens is one quadrillion. Accordingly, for the value of the BRISE coin to double, the project’s adjusted valuation would have to rise by US$380 million.

The price of the BRISE coin has already achieved an all-time high of US$0.00000184, therefore an increase from the present value is possible. The project uses marketing well and attracts investors with its inexpensive token value and outlandish claims.


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