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Is the Big Eyes Coin a SHIB and DOGE Killer?

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Big Eyes Positive Growth

Positive anticipation 

BIG is a new innovative cryptocurrency that has generated a significant amount of anticipation and interest in the cryptocurrency world. Big Eyes Coin may be the somewhat “killer” to Shiba Inu and Dogecoin given the buzz around it. Argued that the BIG staying true to reputation and that the dynamics of meme currencies set to shift.

Big Eyes Currency is a ground-breaking meme coin, and many crypto enthusiasts and leading market traders are already evaluating its possibilities and how it could flourish in the industry. 

Community-owned cryptocurrency Big Eyes Coin aims to distinguish itself from competing meme currencies. All things considered, be a member of the network, it intends to incorporate NFTs and DeFi technologies. This DeFi is going to be implemented as a swap known as DEX Swap. In order to provide decentralized financial services, it will be built.

Big Eyes Coin might strike a blow on SHIB and DOGE
Big Eyes Coin might strike a blow on SHIB and DOGE

Big Eyes Coin winning people’s heart

With 5% of the coin contributing to a charity, Big Eyes’ lovely, cute, and altruistic ideals have cemented their position in the hearts of people. Additionally, the currency wisely chose to substitute the two pioneers Dogecoin and Shiba Inu who were accompanied by puppies with a kitten icon. At first glance, people are drawn to the coin by this cute cat.

BIG is on a quest to enrich its neighborhood. 90% of the currency will be controlled by the community upon launch. In order to raise the token’s value, it plans to offer NFT collectibles that are in the top 10 globally. Afterwards, Promotion will use 5% of the currency allocation, ensuring that Big Eyes’ standing in the cryptocurrency community will never decline.

Big Eyes Coin is a wonderful product in every way. Additionally, purchasing the token during this presale stage offers a lot of advantages and perks. You might want to visit their website and take advantage of the deals.

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