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Metamask Vs Trust Wallet – A Relevant Comparison

Metamask vs Trust Wallet – a lot of people are already questioning which is the excellent platform? Or thinking which platform can offer the best options, similarities? In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between the Metamask and Trust wallets.

The majority of the folks are using decentralized applications & cryptocurrencies; one must have a proper understanding of how to access them. The Crypto world is completely different from the conventional financial markets and bear in mind that the Cryptocurrency world never sleeps. 

Metamask vs. Trust Wallet – Who is the clear winner?

Choosing a certified & authentic Cryptocurrency wallet is really important to make sure the accessibility & safety of the digital assets.

The popularity of both of these mobile wallets is at its peak. Metamask & Trust Wallet are both great wallets that are designed to combine convenience & ease of use with quick access to your cryptocurrency. Both applications are available on the Android & IOS platform & offering a user-friendly UI to their customers.

Metamask vs Trust Wallet is considered as two leading digital Cryptocurrency wallets to purchase, store, send & receive the NFTs & cryptocurrencies from other users. Both are fantastic kind of wallet that offers users easy access to the Cryptocurrency asset.

Both are fantastic wallets that are also appropriate with the Ethereum, and you can hold the collectibles and NFTs easily. Bear in mind that Trust Wallet is only accessible on the Smartphone, and you can access the Metamask for the browser (It requires an extension) & comes with a mobile-based application wallet.

Make sure that you are checking the relevant comparison of Metamask vs. Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet

When it comes to the best Cryptocurrency & Ethereum wallet, then Trust Wallet is the first name that comes to our mind. You will be able to store, receive & send the Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrencies securely & safely.

One can also make the use of Trust Wallet to earn the interest in playing the blockchain games, crypto, collect NFTs & access the latest DeFi & DApps platforms. It is considered one of the most certified and trustworthy crypto wallets of Binance. This is also working on the exhilarating features like a native DEX, custom networks, market monitoring, deep integration, test networks & offers a quick & secure multi-crypto wallet.

 If you are using an Ethereum wallet, then one will be able to request & send the ERC721, ERC20 & other types of ERC tokens. One can also make the use of Face ID, Touch ID & conventional passwords to secure & protect the Cryptocurrency investment.   It is also packed with the in-build web3 browser that will enable you to discover the DApps of the decentralized internet firmly & effortlessly.

A blockchain has become one of the most complex & innovative technology, and you can also depend on the Trust DApp marketplace to assist you through. If you want to know more about Metamask vs. Trust Wallet, then you must read the complete comparison carefully.


Metamask has become one of the most popular Cryptocurrency wallets that are already used to interrelated with the Ethereum blockchain. It will allow the users to make the access Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile application.

This will then be related to decentralized applications. One can also make use of Metamask’s key vault and digital wallet & will be able to secure the login to manage overall digital assets. This platform also permits its consumers to manage & store any kind of broadcast transactions, account keys, send & receive the cryptocurrencies & Ethereum-based tokens also.

Till 2019, users can make the access Metamask browser extension only; after that, Cryptocurrency users will rise, and they also have created a specific mobile application for both IOS & Android users.   

It also enables the users to manage & make their own identities. Metamask requires the authorization to write & read to a specific webpage because it also enhances the functionality of the usual browser context.

 Trust Wallet Advantages & Disadvantages

Supports The ERC 223 & ERC20 tokensNot a reliable option for the storage of the biggest Cryptocurrency funds
Download the app for free 
Encrypted with safety and security 
Also available with a mobile app 

MetaMask Advantages & Disadvantages

Completely non-custodial & open-source walletThis is a hot wallet
Supports all kinds of tokens on EthereumSupporting the Ethereum Blockchain
Accessible on all kinds of browser 

MetaMask vs Trust Wallet – Who is Clear Winner?

FeaturesMetaMaskTrust Wallet
WorthAvailable free of costAvailable free of cost
Safety & SecurityMedium level securityMedium level security
User FriendlyYesYes
Cryptocurrencies SupportingAll ERC-20 Tokens (Ethereum)Bitcoin, BNB & All ERC-20 Tokens (Ethereum)
Year Launched20162017
Supporting ApplicationNoYes
NFT SupportNoYes

5-Minutecoins Verdict – Trust Wallet Offers More Perks Than Others

If you are using Trust Wallet, then you will be able to get access to different kinds of DeFi wallets. You can choose according to the requirements. All things totally depend on the features they are prioritizing in their crypto wallet.

Trust Wallet is continually getting the hype among Cryptocurrency investors. If you are looking for a non-custodial wallet that supports more blockchain, then Trust Wallet can be a reliable option for you.

Both wallets are completely user-friendly, but Trust Wallet is also giving access to the third party also. 

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Sachin Soni
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