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NFT Enthusiasts Believe that Apple Will Launch NFT Cards Soon

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  • Apple is renowned for its ability to surprise people. The tech giant’s move has given the NFT community reason to believe that Apple NFT cards will soon be used in web 3.0.

Crypto community hoping for Apple NFT Cards

The rumors started after Apple displayed amazing characters that looked like Memoji on its most recent event page. Cool NFT-like figures are featured in the yearly Worldwide Developer Conference 2022 marketing campaign. The cryptocurrency market on Twitter has already been anticipating Apple’s arrival into web 3.0 as a result. Apple could release NFT trading cards, according to an enthusiast. A rumor by MacRumours that tapping on the Memoji characters might show an interactive virtual mode with three reimbursable trading card figures added to this conjecture.

No formal Confirmation 

Will Apple introduce NFT cards anytime soon?
Will Apple introduce NFT cards anytime soon?

Even though the corporation has not yet formally denied the charges, it shouldn’t be too difficult to enter the NFT market. Apple has already made efforts to create a mixed reality headgear with both VR and AR features. For Apple, which has been focusing a lot on the Memoji market over the past several years, this makes things much simpler. Additionally, the CEO of Apple has previously shown interest in the bitcoin industry. He even claimed to have made his own cryptocurrency investments. His remarks on Apple’s NFT intentions were also noted.

Cook, though, said nothing about Apple’s intentions to invest in cryptocurrencies. He made it clear that there are no imminent intentions to provide any offerings linked to cryptocurrencies. Cook also reported at the beginning that Apple may be considering other options in the area.

New advancements in a variety of Apple products may be made public. It’s possible to talk about brand-new hardware and software releases like the iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, watchOS 8, and iOS 15.

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