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NFT for sale: Best market places you should know

NFT for sale
NFT and block chain

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) 

NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that people can buy or sell using cryptocurrencies. NFTs are the new attractive investment tools in the market. NFTs are essential for artists, photographers, etc. They can easily claim the copyright of their products and retain their originality on the blockchain. NFTs are unique, and the original creator can continue to derive royalties of the product for as long as it is on the market. Hence, it is ideal for artists to keep their NFT for sale.

Market places that have NFT for sale

To trade NFTs, one requires a digital wallet to store Ethereum that one can use for transactions. Many host websites have certain NFTs for sale, but one needs to have a good idea about the appropriate websites suitable for their needs. Apart from considering the service fee, one must keep in mind the userbase, the type of NFT that sells on certain websites, etc., while picking the ideal website for your need. Few users of certain websites have complained of scammers. Hence, it is essential to steer clear of them. Here is a list of genuine websites and a great platform to purchase NFTs. 


OpenSea is the most widely used marketplace for all kinds of NFTs. It primarily runs on the Ethereum blockchain, which poses a disadvantage of a high gas fee. However, OpenSea is now operant on the polygon blockchain, which does not require a gas fee. Moreover, OpenSea accepts almost 150 cryptocurrencies which people can use to buy NFTs from a broad range of varieties available. This feature significantly increases exposure to many users and eases accessibility. 


Ephimera is a well-known platform for NFT photography. It accepts Ethereum as currency and charges a 5-10% service fee. It also offers 10% royalties for the artists for every transaction of their product. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is perhaps one of the most famous market places as people bought most of the expensive NFTs through this platform. Apart from being extremely user-friendly, the feature that stands out in this platform is that it accepts Fiat currency which means that one can buy NFTs using credit cards if they do not hold any crypto assets. Furthermore, this platform also uses the limited open editions feature, which creates immense demands during the second sale. 


Rarible is a well-known marketplace that sells various NFTs such as art, games, photography, etc. The unique feature of this platform is that it uses its token called RARI. It runs not only on the Ethereum blockchain but also Tezos and Flow blockchain. The latter charge a smaller gas fee than the former. It has a feature of Lazy minting wherein the users do not have to pay hefty gas fees to trade their product. 

Known Origin

Known Origin is one of the world’s oldest NFT marketplaces, which hosts a wide range of NFTs such as artworks and photographs. Many people started their blockchain journey by putting their NFT for sale on this platform. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain. However, few might feel that the NFTs on Known Origin might be expensive as they are mostly exclusive and scarce. 

Super rare

Super rare is an NFT marketplace predominantly supporting digital art. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Super rare hosts only a highly curated list of artworks as it accepts only very few applicants to maintain the quality of its gallery. This feature has both merits and demerits. While one’s chances of getting featured on their platform are low, one can also take it for granted that if they are accepted, their art is one of the most valuable ones there.


 Mintable is one platform that supports a wide range of NFT types, including art, photography, audio files, video files, animations, etc. It is highly user-friendly. Mintable runs on the Ethereum blockchain; one can also use Immutable X to escape the high gas fees. In addition, it also offers various courses on NFTs, which can help one learn and understand the NFT market better. Since Mintable hosts almost every type of content, one cannot determine the particular kind of content you will find there as it is highly inclusive. However, it is an excellent platform for any user to begin their NFT journey. 


Zora is yet another website that supports various kinds of NFTs. It is a go-to place for all types of creators but has garnered immense popularity mainly for music. One of the unique features of Zora is that it supports the sale of physical assets, while most marketplaces exclusively support digital creations only. Zora also runs on the Ethereum blockchain. 


Foundation runs on the principle of Invite-only. It is famous for NFT art. Since only a select few artists have artists to the foundation marketplace, this platform holds authentic products with high artistic value. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and receives 10% royalties in second sales. 


MakersPlace is another NFT marketplace that runs on the invite-only policy. Due to this exclusivity, most of the products on this platform are original and curated. However, this platform is known to be on the expensive end of the spectrum. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and charges 15% as a fee. 

Other market places

There are many marketplaces available on the internet where one can sell NFTs. Although we have listed the most popular and genuine market places public, you might want to check out a few other market places such as Portion.io, Obscura, Async Art, Zora, etc. 

Digital Wallets 

Before selling NFTs, one must have a digital wallet to store their cryptocurrencies. A few of the most compatible digital wallets include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Civic, WalletConnect, Torus, etc. 


NFT is looking to be one of the promising tools for artists, photographers, and creators worldwide. It diminishes the need for a third-party platform to display one’s products and helps retain the product’s authenticity. Hence, every artist must consider exploring various NFT marketplaces before keeping their NFT for sale. In addition, one must also create a suitable digital wallet compatible with their marketplace of preference. It is ideal to thoroughly research service fees, royalties, type of NFT, blockchain, and cryptocurrency that the market supports before creating an NFT. 



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