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NFT & Web3 gaming console to launch in 2024

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Web3 Gaming Console and NFT News
  • NFT trading would require identification in China & Web3 gaming consoles to be released in Q3 2024. 

Gaming Console – Polium One 

On Monday, the web3 gaming firm Polium will introduce the “Polium One,” a multi-chain video game console that will accommodate eight different blockchains and non-fungible currencies. The Solana, Polygon, Ethereum, Immutable X, EOS, Harmony, and WAX blockchain technologies will all be functional with it.

Web3 Gaming Console Coming Soon, Credit: Hypebeast
Web3 Gaming Console Coming Soon, Credit: Hypebeast

In its description, the business calls itself a corporation that builds the goods and technology for Web3 gaming. The parameters of the system have not been made widely known. The console will, however, offer 4K Ultra HD quality at a 120 frame rate, according to the cited specifications. Additionally, Polium states that a working model of the console will be ready in a few months and that its members will help build both the console’s operating systems. The console has not yet been given a value. The Polium Pass NFT, on the other hand, will enable owners to get a system on the first day of its formal launch. Ticket holders will also get an extra NFT, which they can use to later risk as a result of a PLAY coin, the console’s native currency for using the global market app. 

Chinese businesses will verify ID before trading NFT

China’s NFT sector participants and the country’s main internet companies have pledged to authenticate clients utilizing digital collectible trading platforms, as per a report on Monday. A self-discipline advancement agreement has been signed by businesses participating in China’s NFT industry, including  JD.com, Tencent Holdings, Baidu, and mobile payment system Ant Group, a division of Alibaba Group.

Authentication for NFT, Credit: CryptoStars

On June 30, the China Cultural Industry Association published the aforementioned memorandum, which even though businesses are not required to abide by it, still urges businesses to only allow legal proposals as the denomination and agreement monetary system and to start demanding verification of those who issue, distribute, and purchase NFTs.

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