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NYC Mayor Takes Pay Cut As Cryptocurrency: Does The Value Even Falls


The Announcement of the Paycheck holding of Adams who belongs to New York City is rocking everywhere! New York City (NYC) Mayor Eric Adams received his first three paychecks of Bitcoin and Ethereum yesterday. We all know that bitter truth, as of now the cryptocurrency has fallen down by almost 47% from the peak growth of November.

It drags the whole crypto market value to below $ 2 trillion which is not been the prediction list for 2020.

Adams officially received his paychecks via the cryptocurrency exchanged Coinbase which is approximately estimated as $ 5, 900 weekly and $ 258, 750 yearly. But yet, adams hasn’t revealed how the paycheck of $ 5, 900 is chop in between Bitcoin and Ethereum and this is the latest update according to the New York Post (NYC).

If the Crypto market continues to be fallen, his first three paychecks have a chance to dry out!

Adams announced to receive his first three paychecks last November while Bitcoin is in a peak value. Initially, the talk started as a Twitter exchange in between Adams and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez who wanted to receive his next paycheck in Bitcoin, the big crypto currency.

In such a case, Adams wants to make his move even a step further by obtaining the three digital cryptocurrency paychecks and enabling NYC (New York City) as the center of Cryptocurrency.

Though in a midst of a Crypto slump, they make their moves smart and receive the paychecks as they have announced officially. This is to bring you that Mayor Adams is just a well-known and high figure profile whose receiving of paychecks induces some more NYC players to wring their digital wallets.

The people of NYC including Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Odell Beckham Jk has planned to occur their paychecks when the Bitcoin fall is at its peak. However, they are very high profiles who pull off their salaries as crypto in a bulk. Those activities attract the people in some high pictures to do the same and though the worth of Bitcoin is $ 69, 000.

We are not in a stage to conclude the Bitcoin, Ethereum and any other crypto currencies, so let’s wait and see the actual status. To know more recent updates on the crypto world, keep in touch with 5 minute coins and proceed with your investment accordingly.

After NYC: Does Crypto Will Go Even Down?

NYC, Nyc mayor, Bitcoin rate, 5 minute coins
NYC, Nyc mayor, Bitcoin rate, 5 minute coins

Even the Bitcoin and Ethereum is meeting a continuous fall, the meme-based cryptos are expected to be high this year such as saitama inu coin, Elongate crypto and a few more. The thing that may get changed depending upon the market value and sudden updates of high crypto investors like Mayor Adams.

Anyhow, if you wish to safeguard your investment without encountering any huge losses then Shiba inu, saitama inu coin are great choices.

"Though the prediction is not favorable for the investors, the interest of people who come forwards to buy the coin may the situation gets normal"

Without any official announcement, it is highly advisable to stay calm and make your investment safe towards Bitcoin, Ethereum and some more big level currencies.


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