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One-on-one discussion with Malaysian Crypto Influencer

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Q/A with Kenny

Kenny Cheah Qwan Yii is a remarkable entrepreneur , crypto influencer and philanthropist from Malaysia who has achieved success in a variety of fields. He ranks in the TOP 50 on the metapurse academy. He is one of the top creators funded by metakovan and nas daily. 

The 5minutecoins team had a fantastic opportunity to get into a one-on-one discussion with Kenny Cheah. In this interview, we get to know his opinions and ventures in the metaverse and crypto space. 

Introduction to Kenny’s Crypto career

1) I’m curious to know what first attracted you to this space. Could you discuss your initial interest and what motivated you to learn more about this emerging technology? Can you discuss your background and experience in the world of metaverse and blockchain technology?

Technology is always changing and bringing new opportunities with it. My name is Ken and on my channel Kenny TV, I talk about business, personal values, and technology like Web3 and blockchain. I am an expert in marketing and have experience running companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China.

I first learned about blockchain technology because of Metakovan. Who spent $69 million on a Beeple art piece called “5000 Days.” Metakovan and Nas Daily funded a program that I selected. And funded as one of the top 50 content creators. With their support, we started making content about the Web3 space. And now have a total of 30,000 followers across platforms.

Metapurse Academy

Metapurse Academy
Metapurse Academy

2) Can you provide examples of any notable projects or initiatives that you have been involved in related to the metaverse or blockchain?

I was selected to participate in the Metapurse Academy program for the Web3 space, which had 7500 participants. After a month-long program, I was chosen as one of the top 50 content creators. And ended up being the top Facebook content creator.

Thanks to NasAcademy, we had the opportunity to work with the famous platform Async Art. Led by the legendary artist Sparrow @blackboxdotart, and create a collective art piece. I was one of the contributing artists. You can see the piece here:

You can read my full story here:

I also had the honor of speaking at the Coinbox Finance Metaverse event and being invited as a judge for Moledao, a community for connecting and developing entrepreneurs in the Web3 space. I have also participated in some NFT projects as an advisor. We are also in the process of planning for our next NFT and community projects.

How to avoid risks in crypto investment?

Crypto Trading
Crypto Trading

3) Can you discuss any strategies or tactics you use to manage risk in your crypto investments?

Here are some strategies and tactics that people use to manage risk in cryptocurrency investments:

Very Diversified: By investing in a variety of different cryptocurrencies, we can spread the risk across different assets. This way, if one cryptocurrency underperforms, however, your overall portfolio may still do well.

Dollar-cost averaging: Dollar-cost averaging is a strategy that involves investing a set amount of money in a cryptocurrency at regular intervals. It doesn’t matter what the price is at the time, you just invest the same amount. This can help you avoid the risk of buying at a high price and can smooth out the effects of price volatility.

HODL: I strongly believe in long-term holding, “HODL” means holding onto your cryptocurrency investments for a long period of time. If you consider yourself an investor, it’s important to choose projects with strong foundations and real-world use cases to increase your chances of success.

Stay informed: Keep up with the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market and the underlying technology, as well as any regulatory changes that might affect your investments. That’s why we are going to roll out our crypto daily market series in 2023 to make sure we keep our community informed and updated.

New Development in crypto space

4) In your opinion, what are the most promising or innovative developments currently happening in the world of metaverse and blockchain?

I think there will be a lot of exciting developments in 2023. For example, the rollout of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and regulations will help protect users from scams and bad actors. Additionally, companies like Meta, Apple, and Microsoft are working on developing metaverse platforms.

Brands like Starbucks are starting to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and even Facebook, Instagram, and China will have their own NFT marketplaces in 2023. I believe that digital collectibles will become very popular, especially as more people realize the benefits of storing data on the blockchain. Overall, I think we will see mass adoption of these technologies.

5) Can you discuss any current or upcoming projects in the crypto or metaverse space that you find particularly interesting or innovative?

I am optimistic about the future of several projects, including Meta, BAYC, Disney, Apple, Play2Earn gaming such as YGG, and of course the music industry, and how they will contribute to the development of the metaverse and its ecosystem. I think we will see a lot of innovation and growth in these areas.

Nas Daily

Nas Daily
Nas Daily

6) If you could just pour in some more details on this partnership with Nas Daily?

We are the early beta legend, we are the moonhunter community.

So we are involved to move our community over and partnering with for a better way to communicate. It is a web3 solution for creators and is kind of a strong solution coz it is integrated into our discord and NFT too which is now open to the public.

Social account details:

Crypto Influencer Kenny
Crypto Influencer Kenny

Facebook – Kenken     ( – 22k followers)

Twitter – @moonhunterken (

Instagram –  @moonhunterken ( )

YouTube –  @KennyTVnow ( )


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