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Read MTVP latest Airdrop Event Info Here

For all those interested in cryptocurrencies, MTVP latest airdrop event is going to be pretty special and interesting. Usually, these airdrop events are full of surprises. Users get an immense chance of winning and getting free crypto coins like $MTVP tokens. 

That’s why today I am going to talk about the MTVP latest airdrop event. There is more information on the basics of the airdrop events. 

It will clear your understanding before investing in MTVP and other similar cryptocurrencies available for trade and purchase. 

Basics on MultiversePad, $MTVP, and Airdrop events

What is MultiversePad?

MultiversePad is a multichain and multi-brand platform. It enables its users to participate in different blockchain-backed projects. These include AMM, lending, farming, launchpad, and more. 

It is planning to create more such projects in the times ahead. So, it’s a good time to create your wallet or ID on the MultiversePad website today. 

What is this hype for $MTVP?

$MTVP are the MultiversePad tokens – the brand’s crypto coins. When a user creates their portfolio or ID on MultiversePad, they will be winning and using MTVP a lot. 

Transactions and investments on the ongoing projects on this platform will be easier for the community of MultiversePad inventors and investors. 

What is so special about airdrop events?

Crypto users like investing and trying something new in the market. After all, novelty tries their impulsive behavior to invest in these coins. 

So, through airdrop events, cryptocurrency can create hype about their new projects and coins. The same is the case with the MTVP latest airdrop event.

These airdrop events are backed by blockchain, enabling community members to get free coins for a limited time. The sole purpose of such events is to increase the hype, brand awareness, and boost user engagement of the coins. 

Once users get a lot of free coins, they would want to spend the same for multiplying their income. That’s why MultiversePad is a multibrand and multichain platform. 

Users here can invest their MTVP coins to multiply the same for earning real-life money value increasingly. 

The MTVP latest airdrop event information:

MuliverePad is distributing $100,000 worth of IGO NFTs right now. IGO refers to the Initial Game Offerings. So, using NFTs, MultiversePad gives out game tokens or graphics that are unique and specialized to the community members. 

This campaign is called the “NFT Airdrop Campaign.” The pool price is, of course, $100,00. Also, these NFTs are made on MultiversePad. Their main purpose of this event is to prepare the users for the upcoming launch of MultiversePad tokens. 

The main event of these tokens will be around the 2nd financial quarter of 2022. I will be posting more news about this event when the launch is about to happen for the coins. 

Then users can prepare their funding or savings for that type of MTVP latest airdrop event

How to join the MTVP latest airdrop event as soon as possible?

This event has a deadline. Yes, all events eventually have a deadline because the offer is for a limited period. 

The deadline is 23rd April 2022. It started on 31st March 2022. And top 100 community users/winners will be getting these rewards.

Crypto users or buyers can click this link to join and participate in the MTVP latest airdrop event

What should you do to participate in this event?

There are certain rules and regulations for an airdrop event. It makes participation easier and more objective. 

The steps include:

  1. Go to the link given above. 
  2. Log into your official social media account. 
  3. Execute and complete the list of the tasks given below. 
  4. This will unlock 16 more entries for you if you complete the entire task list. 
  5. You can again begin the process with 16 more entries. 


The more tasks you complete, the more chances you get to be a winner of this giveaway contest. But there is no surety. 

So you mustn’t whine if you’re not the winner. The least you can do is connect with the community members to check up on the latest updates on this MTVP latest airdrop event

There is this one link to the Telegram community I found online while researching for this event information. You can click here to join it to stay updated about this special event if you’re keen. 

There is another here: MultiversePad information. This link list includes all the necessary and trustable sources right now about the latest MTVP airdrop event and more. 

All information on NFTPASS rewarded with MTVP latest airdrop event:

What is the NFTPASS winners will get from the latest MTVP event?

Apart from the $100,000 MultiversePad NFTs, lucky winners will get 2x NFTPASS. This pass will allow users to invest and enter into MultiversePad launchpad events twice.

How does this NFTPASS work?

MultiversePad founders have recently announced that they will be releasing more of these launchpad and airdrop events. That means more users have to engage, and more of them will invest in the initial project stages. 

The rewarded users can use NFTPASS as an entry pass twice. They won’t have to use extra spending for their favorite MultiversePad launchpad events. 

Would users need to have MTVP tokens while using NFTPASS?

That’s the beauty of this 2x pass. Cryptocurrencies won’t need to use extra MTVP tokens. They can simply use the code of this pass to enter into the latest MTVP airdrop event. The one after the current one, of course. 

Another latest MTVP airdrop event:

There is another MTVP latest airdrop event that is going on. But it is about to expire soon. Only four days left. If you want to participate, you can. 

image for MultiversePad airdrop phase 3

Its gleam link is here. You can click it to join and read all the information. 

This event is termed: Airdrop Event Phase 3 by MTVP Team. 

They are giving away 25,000 MTVP to the winner of this event. There are two campaigns in this event and about 16 tasks to complete. When you click the link, you get all the information one after another. 

In the first campaign, the top 20 winners will get 500 $MTVP. So, you have to complete the given task. Whereas, when we talk about the 2nd campaign, there you will invite your friends and earn from referrals. 

The top 3 referrers in the 2nd campaign get 500 $MTVP again. 


The cryptocurrency world is always interesting to watch for the latest news. One such is the MTVP latest airdrop event. If you’re a keen buyer or trader of crypto coins and have a large group of friends interested in the same, you can participate in its launchpad events. 

See if you can win and invest those rewards in further MultiversePad projects. 

Don’t forget to thank us later for informing you about these events. Just kidding! But do stay tuned for more on-time information on Crypto World and the latest MultiversePad launchpads.



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