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Saitama Certik Audit: Its Latest Updates And How Good Is It?


Before getting wrapped up in the Saitama Certik audit, you must know what this Certik is all about. From there on, you can understand its latest updates. That can include token prices, its reliability factor, and other blockchain projects to look forward to. 

Certik Foundation is Also Termed as Shentu Foundation

Certik founding members acknowledge the fact of trust and reliability on the blockchain. Furthermore, they realize that any platform built on blockchain is highly encrypted. That’s why security is the most important factor when discussing DeFi: Decentralized Finance sector/industry. 

So with time Certik Foundation has rebranded its name as Shentu Foundation. However, its operations are still the same. 

But now, they are promoting their projects with more trusted factors. Their core vision and mission are to make people trust the blockchain industry more in the given time. 

Besides that, Certik is also a leading service for smart contract auditing. 

What Is This Foundation About?

Before knowing the Saitama Certik audit, know that this foundation is completely non-profit. It drives its projects based on the news and research.

They are also currently promoting their security software. That is in tandem with their mission to increase trust levels on blockchain from the general public.

Why is the Saitama Certik Audit Important?

Smart contracts like Saitama Inu exchanges online depend on the codes. There is no dependency on the company or its policy in the DeFi industry. These codes handle billions of real currency. 

And Binance Smart Chain has itself outgrown from 2021 to 2022 for handling and auditing smart contracts. There is always a fraction of the fees for applying smart contract audits on such platforms. 

But the importance of these audits is growing because a single bug, glitch, or error in the codes can give hackers a window of opportunity. They can then easily steal or modify smart contracts. 

Thus, it’s crucial even forthe Saitama Certik audit platform to conduct the necessary audits. It’s for the ultimate safety of funds invested by the general public or crypto lovers. 

More Information on Certik Audit Security Firm:

Certik is a blockchain firm and foundation that deals with security and audits matters of smart contracts. It built smart crypto exchanges like Binance, Huobi, and OKex. In fact, Binance gets the green signal to fund the top platforms built on it from Certik audits only. 

To date, CertiK has served 1800+ blockchain platforms combined with DeFi protocols. Even PancakeSwap gets audited by CertiK. 

How Does the Saitama CertiK Audit Work?

Saitama Inu is yet another cryptocurrency. It has to get its audit from CertiK to secure its trades or smart contracts. Below, you can see how CertiK audits take place. Then, you understand the basics of the Saitama Inu auditing work too. 

Steps for its technical procedure:

  • You have to provide smart contract details with Certik. This will be along with the specification of the intended behavior expected from the audit.
  • These smart contracts go through a stringent formal verification process, whether it is Saitama Inu or others. 
  • CertiK BSC Security code is in use to carry this type of verification.
  • Experts from leading industries over the globe then verify the contract manually. 
  • CertiK provides detailed reports after the audit. These reports often include vulnerabilities, mathematical proofs for their calculations, and solutions. 
  • The bundle later will have hashed CertiK verification badge. This code is scannable like any other QR code. 

The comprehensive auditing and verification process takes about 48 hours. 

News on CertiK Audit to Judge its Authenticity and Goodness:

  • CertiK has already partnered with blockchain parties like Huobi, IBM, Binance, Saitama Inu, Spartan Protocol, SafeMoon, etc. 
  • CertiK audits provide detailed reports, but they do not resolve the vulnerabilities embedded in smart contracts. 
  • To date, 1800+ blockchain companies have trusted CertiK audit reports. 
  • Other examples of blockchain companies trusting and partnering with CertiK Foundation for its audits are: PancakeSwap, 1Inch, and Tether. 
  • Users have the provision to create their CertiK verified smart contracts using DeepSEA. 

What Was Included in the Saitama CertiK Audit Report?

To understand the Saitama CertiK report for its auditing, we can focus on the general auditing terms presented. This will give you a clear understanding of the auditing forefront by CertiK Foundation.

These audited reports are custom, transparent, and thoroughly studied. These will contain:

1. Vulnerabilities in smart contracts.

It’s up to the smart contract owners to modify these vulnerabilities to make contracts stronger, and more trustworthy. This will eventually improve its liquidity and trade in the market. 

2. Classification of errors based on the severity levels.

Levels identified by CertiK audit reports are Critical, Major, and Medium. Then, there are another two heads: Low and Informational. 

Users or inventors of smart contracts must focus on these categories. They have to aim to score 90+ out of 100. 

For that, they have to focus on the critical errors first. Then, they move down the hierarchy and solve all the remaining vulnerabilities.

3. Suggested recommendations.

The Saitama CertiK audit experts never force or compel the inventors to change the way their blockchain functions. But they do suggest possible solutions and changes from their end. This practice shows their goodness and trustworthiness. 

That is why multiple and multi chain platforms are still considering CertiK audit reports for the licensed badges every day. 

4. Listing on the CertiK Security Leadership board.

All partners of CertiK can have access to see and verify the leadership board. It shows all partners in a hierarchy of scores they achieved from the Certik audits. This can help push blockchain companies and protocols to do better in CertiK’s crypto community. 

This leadership board also shows project details, sentiments, and security levels of the project. 


The Saitama CertiK audit reports and processes are one of the cases CertiK handled. That is under the CertiK security product it provides. In addition, there are other solutions available on this non-profit platform. 

These include Skynet, SkyTrace, and Penetration Testing.

And as of now, as per CertiK’s official website, it has already found 31,000 findings, and $300 Billion worth of digital assets were secured. These stats show that CertiK could be trusted by new-age and specialized blockchain platform owners for their timely audits. 

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