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Saitama Inu and Floki Inu struggling for stability amidst the Bitgert craze


Floki Inu has decreased by 91% in 2022, whereas Saitama Inu has also not experienced any notable increase. Among the most lucrative cryptocurrencies of 2022, Bitgert has grown by 174% during the same time frame. Crypto analysts claim that BRISE defeated the financial collapse owing to the humongous buying pressure the cryptocurrency is currently facing.

BRISE performed well in crypto meltdown

Floki Inu
Floki Inu

One of the currencies that fared well amid the collapse of the cryptocurrency market was BRISE. When most currencies saw declines of almost double digits, BRISE managed to avoid the crypto meltdown by remaining steady. When currencies like Floki Inu and Saitama Inu battled with abrupt sell-offs, Bitgert was actually able to report one of the lowest selling impulses.

Saitama Inu
Saitama Inu

Bitgert has already proved resilient in the face of a crypto meltdown. Even during the previous crisis, when Floki Inu and Saitama Inu were among the most severely impacted, the currency has been performing rather well. The BRISE price performance in 2022, when both Floki Inu and Saitama Inu were bearish, is significant to notice.

How was Bitgert able to survive the volatile market?

Bitgert did not undergo a significant sell-off as Floki Inu and Saitama Inu did since there were still a lot of investors purchasing it. In recent months, the purchasing demand for BRISE has exploded, mostly due to the widespread acceptance of its projects.

One of the main proponents of bullish trend has been the BRC20 blockchain, and now the Bitgert SUV. BRISE has more adoption than Floki Inu and Saitama Inu because of the blockchain. The primary driver of this popularity is the zero-gas charge, but the 100k TPS is also quite popular with the cryptocurrency industry.


Another explanation why Bitgert is continuously improving than Floki Inu and Saitama Inu is the roadmap V2. Even owners of Floki Inu and Saitama Inu are being persuaded to purchase Bitgert by the innovative goods the team is developing.

These are only a few of the factors BRISE outperformed Floki Inu and Saitama Inu during the financial collapse.

Ujan Chakraborty
Ujan Chakraborty
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