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Shiba Inu Getting Full Support From Vivid Money

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  • Vivid Money also offered incentive programs with dual returns for Shiba community members.

Shiba Inu’s new supporter

Vivid Money is a German-based supplier of financial services that have endorsed SHIB. In addition to making Shiba Inu accessible on its marketplace, it also tweeted about a twofold return and incentives system for Shiba Inu community members.

Another encouraging development is that the VIP virtual currency credit card bitcoinblack, which only has 10,000 registered users, supports SHIB. The card, which is protected by the issuer’s cryptocurrency, is seen as a doorway to a universe of extravagant products and services along with premium activities available exclusively to subscribers. Members of the bitcoinblack luxury credit card may turn their Shiba Inu and other significant currencies, including Bitcoin, into usable money. Wherever Mastercard is authorized, members are not subject to budget allocations.

Shiba Inu Supported by Vivid money tweet
Shiba Inu Supported by Vivid money tweet

Shiba Inu Layer 2 and Metaverse on full swing

Expectations for Shibarium and the Shib Virtual world, among many other things, have been given by the main programmer Shytoshi Kusama in a blog post.

The outcomes of the DAO vote, which allocated 20 million BONE for the creation of consensus mechanism and procedures inside Layer 2 Shibarium, were recently made public. According to Shytoshi Kusama, Shib is launching TREAT for everybody in this reason. In addition to serving as a bonus system, TREAT will also produce prizes for the Shiba Customizable Card Game’s blockchain variant and the Metaverse, as well as contribute to Shibarium’s equilibrium.

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