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Solana and Cardano trying hard to compete with Bitgert

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A good week might be ahead for Solana and Cardano

Following a few days of price stability, Solana and Cardano had moved into the green. Cardano and Solana appear to be heating up this week, so it appears that the weekend finished on a steady note. This may be determined by examining how the values of the two currencies have fared during past drops.

On the other side, Bitgert (BRISE) has performed admirably throughout this time. In the present gloomy marketplace, Bitgert maintained a consistent price even while Solana and Cardano fell. Bitgert is already soaring with a 15% gain in the last 24 hours. This is because the marketplace is now taking a break and the two currencies remain steady. This is a little decrease from the $33.81 level, though. However, it appears as though the Solana currency is about to take off and might surpass $40 by the end of this week.

Solana and Cardano looking up to a good week
Solana and Cardano looking up to a good week

Opting for upgrades

The key actions that will drive up the price of Solana are the Solana merger with Helium and the next Layer-2 scalability technology, Nitro (on which the Solana team is working with Cosmos). Similar to Solana, major advances will increase the value of Cardano this week.

The 22nd of this week marks the next Cardano Vasil update. One of the main actions that will drive up the price of Cardano is this. Cardano has risen 1% as of the time of writing to trade at $0.4836, down from $0.4874. Cardano has been fluctuating somewhat around this price for the past several days, though.

The value of Cardano is anticipated to rise this week as the Cardano Vasil hard fork draws closer. Vasil will make Cardano quicker and more affordable, which will lead to widespread Cardano acceptance.

Bitgert is still rising above


The Bitgert project has already been succeeding, in contrast to Cardano and Solana, because of its innovative environment. Solana and Cardano’s blockchain are still slower and more expensive than the Bitgert zero gas charge BRC20 blockchain. The competitors may not be as disruptive as the Bitgert roadmap V2’s offerings.

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