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The Ethereum Merge is finally here!

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Ethereum Merge Completed

The second-most popular virtual currency in the world, Ethereum, recently underwent a big software upgrade, Ethereum merge that would increase security while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions almost entirely.

The Ethereum Merge

The redesigned system, dubbed “The Merge,” would do away with the requirement for cryptocurrency miners and massive mining farms, who previously powered the blockchain via a system known as “proof-of-work” (PoW). In its place, a “proof-of-stake” (PoS) system has been used, which randomly selects “validators” to authenticate transactions in exchange for a modest payment.

As per the Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting the currency and its associated technologies, the switch to PoS would lower the blockchain’s energy usage by roughly 99.95%.

Impacts of the Ethereum merge

Ethereum Merge
Ethereum Merge

The change occurs as regulatory oversight of cryptocurrencies, whose value has fallen precipitously since the start of the year, grows. The fact that “The Merge” would make transactions on the Ethereum platform incredibly safe becomes one of the main advantages that has been highlighted.

The Merge significantly boosts Ethereum’s security, according to Justin Drake, one of the major experts coordinating the move. To gain control, an attacker requires 51% of the worth of the blockchain. About $5 billion would be required using Proof of Work in order to purchase sufficient processors and converters. Then link them all to the system, and launch an invasion. They will have around $20 billion of financial security owing to Proof of Stake. Drake anticipates this amount to rise significantly.

In addition, Ethereum anticipated to use around 99 percent less energy as a result, therefore it becomes a green step. The network provides the foundation for some of the most widely used cryptocurrency applications, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi), therefore the redesign may have long-term effects.

Ethereum under the radar

ETH price under scrutiny

Since at least mid-July, traders have been speculating on the Merge in the cryptocurrency markets. At first, they assumed the event would spur a sharp increase in the price of ETH. Following the meltdown in the marketplaces for virtual currencies earlier in the year, the trade for ETH derivatives began pricing on post-Merge returns.

A second surge of activity was sparked by the possibility that enraged cryptocurrency miners might split the Ethereum blockchain. This time as traders rushed to secure in worth from the hypothetical initial deployment of a new “ETHPOW” token.

The markets’ response to a successful Merge is generally hard to forecast with accuracy.

The future of the network post the merge

The co-founder of the Ethereum network, Vitalik Buterin, discussed his predictions for ETH in the post-Merge age at the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris. After the Merge, Buterin said in his closing remark that Ethereum would only be roughly 55% complete. He described the upcoming network improvements as the “surge,” “verge,” “purge,” and “splurge.”

Surge: This refers to the introduction of Ethereum sharding, which guarantees to handle the network’s transactions much quicker than now. Sharding generally refers to splitting up payments across many chains to save costs and increase the speed of transactions. At the event, Buterin had stated that by the end, Ethereum would be able to perform 100,000 transactions per second.

Verge: The verge will integrate “Verkle trees” and “stateless clients,” as described by Buterin. This will let the blockchain network users become validators. They would not require to keep a large amount of information on their computers.

Purge: As the name implies, this stage entails deleting previous network history. The purge aims to minimize the amount of space taken up on your hard disk, improve the Ethereum procedure over time, and stop needing nodes to keep history, according to Buterin.

Splurge: Buterin referred to this stage as the enjoyable stuff.  It attempts to ensure that the network keeps operating properly and that the interface upgrades in the preceding sections do not result in any problems.

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