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Weekly update on Bitgert as of December 13

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One of the current most transparent initiatives in the cryptocurrency sector is Bitgert (BRISE). The Brise group has been maintaining the neighborhood informed of all their developments. Indeed,  social media platforms, including Telegram and Twitter, have been quite active from the start.

The team has already been keeping the community informed of all the developments. The implementation of the roadmap V2 items and additional tools on this plan is the team’s most recent significant accomplishment. The crew has also highlighted the actions it has planned for the just-opened exchange.

Delivery of the Bitgert Roadmap V2

Delivering the roadmap V2 is a significant achievement that the Bitgert community hopes to reach in the upcoming months. Paybrise and Exchange, two crucial products that are anticipated to have one of the highest adoption rates, have already been finished and released by the team. The group has also hinted at the arrival of further alliances in the coming days.

Expansion of the Exchange

Bitgert Exchange
Bitgert Exchange

According to current developments published by the organization, the team declared that it is currently growing the newly released exchange. The group announced renovations and new listings for the chain. In the next weeks, the exchange will get more than 30 additional assets.

The crew is also striving to upgrade the exchange to optimize effectiveness, as well as to provide support for many blockchain systems and the info component for the currencies.

Coming Soon: A New Bitgert Listing

The Bitgert team has revealed a fresh exchange listing for the Bitgert coin. According to the statement, they issued a few days ago, BRISE is now being considered for listing on LOVELY SWAP, a DEX. This is undoubtedly a topic to keep an eye on. These are just a handful of the significant events that will occur over the next several days and those that have already occurred as of December 13th. The Bitgert chain will see a lot of changes in the upcoming days, which will make this currency an excellent purchase right now.


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