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Why was a Rollups Fusion suggested by Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin?

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  • The creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has suggested a method for creating a blockchain that is extremely safe. Buterin offered a combined approach that may incorporate the best aspects of both approaches in response to the age-old argument between optimistic and ZK rollups.

What do you need to know about Rollups?

Rollups are Layer 2 solutions designed to increase a blockchain’s scalability. They allow you to submit the final state after combining several transactions into one. Ethereum currently has a maximum TPS capacity of 20–30. It can significantly increase transaction speed. Rollups come in two main varieties: ZK and optimistic. Until proven incorrect, optimistic have a gloomy outlook and assume that all transactions are accurate. Without confirming their veracity, they bundle all of the operations into one. After that, they give everyone a chance to contest the veracity. ZK on the other hand, verify each transaction’s legitimacy.

Rollups Fusion for a better blockchain, Credit: DeFi Teller
Rollups Fusion for a better blockchain, Credit: DeFi Teller

ZK confirmations are safer, although they are sometimes more expensive to produce. Vitalik Buterin makes an effort to address this problem.

Buterin’s proposal

Buterin’s strategy combines the finest aspects of both. He suggested creating a rollup by fusing ZK and optimistic rollups. His idea called for a blockchain to publish a block. The chain would then hold off on issuing a challenge for 24 hours. A ZK-SNARK, a kind of ZK proof, will be made public if the block is not challenged. The optimistic rollup, zero knowledge rollup, and overall blockchain governance will be consulted in the event that any transaction’s validity is questioned. The government will resolve any conflicts between optimistic rollup and ZK rollup.

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