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Everything To Know About KubeCoin Ecosystem

What is this KubeCoin Ecosystem all about?

Before getting up to everything to know about KubeCoin ecosystem, you must know what a KubeCoin is.

So, this KubeCoin is the latest DeFi Token or digital currency/cryptocurrency in the leisure sector. It aims to revolutionize travel industries too. This currency is built on the Cardano blockchain. 

The KubeCoin or Kube is built with a purpose to benefit the multi-brand utility system while making exchanges online. 

However, we can understand a lot more about KubeCoin before trading it online. In this blog, readers grasp all relevant knowledge on KubeCoin ecosystem

It will make the knowledge of this latest coin easier to deal with when you’re regularly investing in cryptocurrencies. 

Everything To Know About Kubecoin Ecosystem In Proper Bifurcations:

There is a lot to study about this cryptocurrency at this moment. The speculations are going around among users, miners, and regular traders. First, however, let’s begin with its history to understand its ecosystem better in the grand scheme of things. 

Vision for KubeCoin

The journey for KubeCoin started with the concept that “Everybody Likes Surprises.” Then, it was coupled with the creators’ vision to revolutionize the leisure and travel industry. 

But they also had to surprise the multinational companies. With the backing of FlyKube and EatKube, KubeCoin company has got its footing and organized its structure. 

There was rapid optimization of departments because of their initial funding. In addition, it could stabilize the business operations from the back-end to give the company a jumpstart. 

A few historical moments for Kubecoin creators:

They started a surprise trips company in 2017. It was a startup. It garnered the attention and success of the 7 biggest European markets. 

Now they are increasing their ecosystem or idea hub with more surprise startups. That is how and why the Kube Ecosystem initially developed. 

The first spin-off, EatKube, aims to surprise restaurants and deliver orders with an excellent customer experience. 

Further plan for Kube Ecosystem:

The founders have been known to be increasing their bandwidth to 7 such surprise startups. This will be all through the online and virtually centralized technological system. That they are referred to as the Kube Ecosystem already.

Their real ambition through this ecosystem is to scale business verticals they invest in globally. 

KubeCoin Ecosystem:


It started with a surprise company named Matric in 2017. It offers surprise trips. Currently, this venture is booking 5,000,000€ gross profit per year as per the official website.

FlyKube is functional in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Portugal. 


EatKube, as discussed above, is a restaurant and delivery surprise company. It will surprise people ordering food and going to restaurants with their friends or family to eat out. 

The main focus of this company is to deliver surprising food experiences to patrons.


KubeCoin ecosystem has its own wallet now – operated in iOS and Android systems. 

Using this KubePay wallet, users can buy/sell KubeCoins, Cardano Native Tokens, or other Kube products. In addition, premium users can get early or surprising access to Kube NFTs, its NFT marketplace, and other latest news. 


Everything to know about KubeCoin Ecosystem also includes KubeIn, the 4th vertical in this surprising ecosystem. 

KubeIn majorly focuses on how its users will invest in KubeCoin and other cryptocurrencies. Then, it will also allow users to buy the available investment funds for other Kube startup projects. 

There is no surety yet if there is a provision to buy investment funds for other startup projects non-related to KubeCoin. 

We have to stay tuned to the latest news on the KubeCoin ecosystem.

NFT Platform:

While researching everything to know about KubeCoin ecosystem, I found that KubeCoin creators are dealing in an NFT platform. Furthermore, they are planning to open up an NFT platform or marketplace. 

It’s still unclear whether it will be only for KubeCoin NFTs or other NFTs too. There is only a minimal update on this one – as per the data on the official website. 

NFT Project:

KubeCoin creators are indulging in creating their own NFTs. They are sure and clear about it. The site clearly states that. 

The holders of their unique KubeCoin NFTs will get premium access to the latest events, news, special programs, or events. They will also get notified about sales, special price drops, airdrops, and other surprising announcements. 

KubeBox and WowKube:

These two are the latest additions while searching for everything to know about KubeCoin ecosystem. But there is literally no information given online or even on the website about what these projects would be about. 

The message only says that it’s a secret and is coming out soon. So, cryptocurrency and KubeCoin lovers will have to wait. But, I am sure this KubeCoin creative project will again bring more surprises to the users and KubeCoin dealers. 

Further Innovation and Mission for KubeCoin Ecosystem:

As per the KubeCoin whitepaper, founders are planning to create a massive idea hub within the next three years. There will be a continuous inflow of fresh ideas, business lines, projects, and startups to expand their ecosystem. 

Their aim is to maximize the profit from these startups and ideas. But they will also try their level best to reduce the investment and development costs involved. 

All the chosen projects, while understanding everything to know about KubeCoin ecosystem, are going to have a unified purpose. They basically have the target to become a multinational and multi-brand company. They will name it the Kube Group.

KubeCoin will be their set and standard currency to deal with every startup idea and product they launch worldwide.

Milestones Achieved and Further Programs:

KubeCoin ecosystem has to go majorly through three phases right now. 

First was the pre-sale stage in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

Now, 2nd stage is ICO in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Last would be the public release or public launch in the 4th quarter of 2022.

Other Necessary Information On KubeCoin Ecosystem

When will traders be able to buy KubeCoin online?

The creators have made an official statement that in the 2nd quarter of 2022, traders can start exchanging KubeCoins. That is after they are done launching their ICO – initial coin offering.

What will the total supply of KubeCoins be in the crypto market?

As of now, the total supply of these coins will be 480,000,000.

Can traders purchase multiple KubeCoins at once?

After their ICO, traders can go and buy multiple KubeCoins online. 

When will the KubeCoins start reflecting in the traders’ wallets?

Some traders might have put out the order to buy KubeCoins in advance. So, while reading everything to know about KubeCoin ecosystem, it’s found that the amount of the total KubeCoins allowed will reflect in the 2nd quarter of 2022. 

That is basically after its ICO release. 

What are right now the best wallets to buy or trade in KubeCoins?

During presale orders, Yoroi and Daedus wallets were the best to hold onto KubeCoins. However, once the KubePay wallet is fully commercialized, users can directly deal in KubeCoins from its official website. 



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