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Exciting NFT projects to look out for in 2022

Ever since people started learning more about NFTs or Non-fungible tokens, various NFT projects have taken off. Creators worldwide are now showing great interest in creating multiple projects in different markets, and a few exciting projects are coming up in 2022. We have curated a list of our favorite picks for 2022 that many people have been eagerly waiting for. 

Exciting NFT projects


Silk is a play-to-earn game that is based on the Ethereum network. It is one of the well-known games of the metaverse where people can create their own avatars or characters and enjoy game-based quests and challenges. For example, the players can participate in horse racing and breed their horses. An exciting feature is that these horses are connected to real-life ones, taking various things into consideration such as their prowess in this field.

Silks have their own token ‘$STT’ that players can earn when their real-life horse wins matches. Silks allow players to make money within the metaverse by exploring elements of the games, such as breeding their horses, trading, etc. Players can also buy virtual lands in the game to provide shelter for their horses, which can be sold as NFTs. The unique feature of this NFT project is its elements of reality. Although one is playing this in the virtual world, the principles that govern it are based on real-life horse breeding and racing. 

Lucky Block NFTs

Lucky block NFTs are a few of the biggest launches in 2022. It is a crypto lottery platform where players can take part using unique cards. As a part of the Platinum Rollers club collection, ten thousand NFTs were released on the binance smart chain. Each token is a ticket with a unique numerical code. Players can use these tickets to benefit from ‘daily draws’, which gives one a chance to earn upto $10,000 in rewards. Apart from these 10,000 tickets, they also released 25 rare edition NFTs which have the additional benefit of doubling the players jackpot. Lucky Block NFTs went live on 19th March on NFT launchpad marketplace. 

Invisible friends 

If you were one to follow the NFT space closely, you would know that almost everyone was talking about invisible friends. They are a set of 5000 unique tokens which has invisible characters. Many expected that the price for this NFT would be relatively high. However, nobody anticipated that these tokens would hit 12 ETH during its launch in February of 2022. The invisible friends’ project did not host a public sale, so the only way to acquire them was through the whitelist. Invisible friends launched their merch ahead of their official launch. Each merch costed about $150 and was one of the ways to get into the whitelist. 

Guild of Guardians 

Guild of Guardians is an upcoming multiplayer fantasy game developed by Stepico Games. It is an action-packed game where players explore various dungeons and their teams to collect rewards and experiences. Guild of Guardians is intricately designed to give its players a unique cinematic experience packed with powerful audio-visuals. Players can use their bonuses and experience to invest in better players and crafts. In addition, players can hold these players as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.


With over 100k Twitter followers and 150k discord members, Skulltoons is a unique 3D art NFT project that had everyone waiting for its launch in anticipation. Theodoru Badiu, the creator of skulltoons, created 7,777 special cartoon characters, which users can access through the skullgames. The floor price of each skulltoon is 0.066 ETH.

Voyagers: Unknown

Voyagers Unknown is one of the most extreme detail-oriented NFT projects set to release 5000 tokens. These tokens comprise 3D art of various characters, primarily falling into three categories: The unknowns, voyagers, and executives. They do not have a concrete road map to eliminate the risk of unrealistic expectations. However, the team has promised to release updates as and when there are more developments. One of the updates talks about having a unique ID card for each character. ID cards would grant them access to various virtual locations. The floor price of this NFT is 0.175 ETH, and one can buy three voyagers per wallet.

Cereal Club NFT

Cereal Club NFT is a digital artwork depicting cereals. People can trade these unique NFTs or hold them as assets. They also offer various benefits, such as taking part in different community decisions about their developments. A clear-cut road map is present with four phases. They are collaborating with various brands and expanding their reach by releasing their exclusive merch. All developments show that they are heading showing a promising future and tremendous growth. 


NFT projects are the new exciting things on the internet, and everyone has their eyes set on them. There are exciting releases every month in the NFT market. However, one must never resort to investing out of fear of missing out. Regardless of the size, any investment should come from a place of deep interest and thorough research. 

Nithya Reddy
Nithya Reddy
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