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Investors Left Crypto Market

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Investors leaving the market: crisis or a normal occurrence

According to some economists and researchers, the cryptocurrency industry is not a barren wasteland. Finding out how many investors abandoned the crypto market can help us gauge the general attitude in the sector and decide if the marketplace is poised for a rebound or will continue to experience unprecedented levels. Some specialists claim that it is not as severe as one may anticipate.

Investors are abandoning the market, Credit: TIME
Investors are abandoning the market, Credit: TIME

We may look at information like the valuation of the best attributes in the marketplace to get a general understanding of the proportion of investors that withdrew from the trade. When Bitcoin and Ethereum’s market value plunged by 70% and 40%, respectively, it may appear initially that a greater percentage of the trade has abandoned it in pursuit of more prosperous times.

However, it would be misleading to estimate the number of investors who left the market by evaluating the valuation of wildly fluctuating assets like Bitcoin over time.

What might be the cause of such market conditions?

The value of bitcoin plummets below $20,000
The value of bitcoin plummets below $20,000

The expert advised as a substitute to take a closer look at stable coin capitalization. Stables’ valuation dropped by a mere 11%, which indicates that the virtual currency suffered less damage than most pessimistic experts and economists had predicted. Shortage of supply or lack of liquidity is most likely to be responsible for the sharp decline in the value of several virtual currencies. Investors  “Tether out” but do not withdraw their cash out from the digital sector due to the falling prices of currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This precautionary step by the traders suggests that they would most probably put them back once market volatility went back to normal.

Unfortunately, this is not the scenario at this time, as the waning volatility between June 18 and June 26 prevented Bitcoin from maintaining above $20,000 and breaking regional barrier marks. BTC was worth $19,380 at the time of publication.

Ujan Chakraborty
Ujan Chakraborty
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