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LG is planning to bring the metaverse into our living rooms!

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LG X Oorbit and Pixelynx

LG Electronics, a major player in the consumer electronics industry, has announced its arrival into metaverse with an exciting new partnership with two cloud-based technology platforms, Oorbit and Pixelynx. 

This collaboration will provide viewers with direct access to the virtual world, a virtual environment that is being heralded as the future of entertainment. The partnership between LG Electronics and Oorbit and Pixelynx will allow viewers to experience the metaverse from the comfort of their own living rooms. 

How will it work?

This will be accomplished through LG’s Smart TV platform, which will incorporate the two cloud-based technology platforms. The metaverse is an immersive, interactive virtual world that offers users a unique experience. 

It will work through the Smart TV
It will work through the Smart TV

It is a platform that allows users to interact with one another as well as access content from a variety of sources. This is a space where users can explore and experience a wide range of activities, from gaming to shopping and more. 

Easy access to the metaverse 

LG Electronics’ partnership with Oorbit and Pixelynx brings the metaverse directly into the life of the viewers. This will allow viewers to experience a whole new level of entertainment. And interact with the metaverse in a way that was not previously possible. The partnership also marks an important step in the development of the virtual world. As it helps to bring it closer to the mainstream. 

LG Electronics is excited to be a part of this new venture. And looks forward to offering viewers access to the virtual world. This partnership is an exciting step forward in the development of the virtual reality. And will provide viewers with an unprecedented level of entertainment.

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