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New York Has Made A Name For Itself As The Cryptocurrency Capital.

According to new documents, Digital Currency Corporation,, and a handful of other corporations are spending $100,000 per month in a $1.5 million Albany lobbying blitz.

This is to assist draught the laws governing the $2 billion cryptocurrency industry, which is mostly uncontrolled at the national level.

Even organizations that do not presently trade in New York, such as eToro, are expanding their presence in Albany since rules enacted there may influence lawmakers out across the country.

  • New York has some of the strongest banking consumer advocates throughout the world, and cryptocurrency businesses are aware of the knowledge gained by tech firms such as Airbnb and Uber, who have fought New York authorities in the past.
  • They’re particularly aware of New York’s existing onerous cryptocurrency registration requirements, so they’re concerned that jurisdictions with limited government intervention, including such Texas, may entice enterprises to go there rather.

“We must have a voice at the table”

on New York’s competitive campaign trail, said Lane Kasselman, the chief business officer of cryptocurrency auction site

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This is extremely critical as New York as well as other jurisdictions rapidly increase initiatives to draught new crypto regulations, according to Kasselman, who noted that 96 proposals were submitted in the United States during the first six weeks of 2022, among many of the crypto regulations tracked by

“There were 13 measures founded in the United States linked to cryptocurrency in 2021,”

Kasselman stated.

New York policymakers are openly promoting cryptocurrency communication as a tool of boosting an industry already recovering from the epidemic and Wall Street’s fading influence.

Does New York would like to be the hub of another major monetary sector, or will it want to cede that position to Miami or San Francisco?” According to Kasselman. “What is at stake? The smartest and finest are departing.”

There has been little evidence of New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s position on crypto, be it the front-office crypto exchange enterprises or bitcoin processing. One prospective bright flash, according to crypto firms, is Adrienne Harris, a longtime Obama Administration officer selected by Hochul as the legislature’s next head of the Department of Financial Services, New York’s leading supervisor for the sector.

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Harris sat on the board of the Digital Dollar Foundation, a nonprofit that advocates for virtual money issued by the United States’ central bank.



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