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Saitama Wallet: What All Must You Know About It?

Another dog-inspired cryptocurrency after DogeCoin is Saitama Inu. It’s taking the market by storm in 2022 as it is its second year. Thus, you must also know about the Saitama wallet. 

When you’re proceeding to invest in it, knowledge about cryptocurrency and the Saitama wallet is a must. Refer to this blog post from here whenever you need an update on Saitama’s wallet information. 

Otherwise, I will keep updating the blog post for the latest details on other cryptocurrency wallets you can trust. This will help you make a stable future in your cryptocurrency investing world. 

So, let’s set your future in finance straight from the wallet information below. Pay attention and be free to ask queries. That’s how you learn to earn. 

What Is Saitama Inu Hype About?

Saitama is now planning a SaitaMask exchange and wallet for new-age cryptocurrency investors. It’s a community-driven platform for creators and learners. It will help model your finances while storing Saitama inu in wallets or investing the same in exchanges. 

SaitaMask includes an analysis of cryptocurrencies, ability to trade statistics, list of passive income opportunities. That is for users on this platform or SaitaMask Saitama wallet

Top 5 Exchanges For Trading In Saitama Inu Currency Right Now:

  • Uniswap
  • LBank
  • MEXC
  • Poloniex

Step-By-Step Guide To Trade Saitama Inu Coins Using Saitama Wallet And Brokerage Accounts

Saitama might not be listed in big exchanges right now in its 2nd year. But you will find Ethereum in every other listed and recognized exchange. Since Saitama Inu is Ethereum based, buy Ethereum first and swap it later for Saitama coins as per the market value. 

Before that, clear your mindset on trading Saitama Inu using the Saitama wallet and given exchanges.


  1. Buy Ethereum tokens from leading exchanges like Coinbase or Binance. 
  2. Withdraw these coins to your trusted Saitama wallet. This wallet must allow the exchange and swapping of different coins, especially Ethereum to Saitama or vice-versa. 
  3. You can use the Trust wallet if you don’t know which one to use right now. 
  4. There you have the dApps section. Scroll down the options listed there for swapping. You can choose Uniswap to swap Ethereum with Saitama Inu. 
  5. This is where you purchase Ethereum-backed cryptocurrencies, new or advanced, with limited availability. 
  6. As you open the Uniswap portal, choose Ethereum in the “From” section and Saitama Inu in the “To” section. 
  7. You can copy Saitama Inu’s address from the CoinMarketCap website if you don’t know it beforehand. 
  8. Click “Swap” to complete the transaction. Now, you will have Saitama Inu coins too in your trusted wallet. 

Steps For Buying Saitama With Coinbase

1. Download Coinbase wallet:

It is available on your mobile and browser extension. Download it however you like. 

2. Set up your account username:

Choose a username to set up this type of Saitama wallet on Coinbase. You can set this username to be private. However, setting up a username is necessary to access your Coinbase account. Owning a username helps to share the same with others to receive cryptocurrencies. 

3. Setup account recovery phrase:

Whenever you open a new Coinbase wallet account, you must enter 12 random words. This will be the ultimate key to entering your Crypto account on Coinbase. Anyone with these words can enter your account whenever required. 

That is why it’s recommended never to share these recovery phrase words with anyone. Write it down in your personal diary or notepad. You can store it in the Coinbase cloud security backup feature. 

Note that the Coinbase wallet members never ask you about this phrase. If you lose this code, Coinbase cannot help you recover it. 

4. Understand the network fees:

You must understand the network structure before buying or selling Ethereum on Coinbase. Each wallet and exchange have different rates. Some are clear; others are complicated – suited for advanced-level investors. 

Read Coinbase / Saitama wallet and exchange from its official website first. Check how fast is the delivery rate of each transaction. Put aside some cash or fiat money for the legit fee per transaction or trade. 

5. Buy and transfer Ethereum coins to wallet:

You need a Coinbase brokerage account for dealing in Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. So, when you’re setting up the username, that step is covered there only. After logging into your account, you can go down the list of currently listed and traded currencies. 

Ethereum will most probably be listed in the top 3-5 after Bitcoin or BTC. So, finding ETH to trade won’t be difficult while browsing Coinbase. Go to that cryptocurrency and start buying, keeping the transaction or gas tax fee in mind.

After you purchase it, check your Coinbase wallet. The amount of the trade must be reflected there. If not, try logging in and out of your once to do a harsh refresh. 

6. Use ETH to buy Saitama Inu:

While using this type of Saitama wallet on your mobile, click the square blue-colored option on your home page. From there, go to “Trade.” 

Choose to swap ETH with Saitama from there. You can swap more coins running on ERC-20 tokens in this Trade window. So, you can diversify your current portfolio on the Coinbase wallet easily. 

Anyways, click “Choose coin” to select the Saitama Inu (or simply Saitama) coin. Next, input your ETH count you want to exchange. Check the trade value with full attention. You should not make a mistake there. 

Make sure to leave enough coins for consuming the trade fee. Confirm the trade or swap and follow the instruction flashed on the screen later on. 

While using the Saitama wallet Chrome extension, use the “Convert” option. Search for your favorite Saitama there. Then, type the ETH coins you want to swap in this trade. Again, leave enough ETH coins against the trade fee or tax. 

Click confirm even on this browser transaction and follow instructions in a similar manner there. 

Conclusion for everything on about Saitama Wallet

You can trade in Saitama Inu coins using top exchanges and wallets available online. It has notified investors on its official website about SaitaMask – Saitama wallet (the official one). The launch is about to happen. It was to launch earlier in 2021. But the process keeps updating. 

Stay tuned to our website and get the latest updates on Saitama Inu wallet, trade, price predictions, etc. We talk about new cryptocurrencies; and how you can create wealth for the long term without conforming to too much risk. 


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