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The Bitgert team announced more updates!

The Bitgert crew has been informing the community of all the steps it has taken to develop this product. The team’s dedication to developing a true utility project is one aspect of the project that stands out. That is what the Bitgert team has been focusing on, as seen by the wide variety of goods and initiatives that have already been introduced into the ecosystem.

The declaration that the crew is focusing on producing new use cases, however, is what has caused the $BRISE value to increase. This is due to the fact that the team’s real-use products have sped up currency adoption and skyrocketed coin value.

Decentralized Marketplace 

Because it solves a real-world need. The Brise decentralized platform is an authentic benefit product that will be widely adopted when it launches. Traders and sellers will be able to connect with clients. And purchasers on a P2P network thanks to the Brise decentralized marketplace. The payment currency is $BRISE. Because of this, the decentralized marketplace platform Bitgert has practical applications.

Bitgert OS

Bitgert OS
Bitgert OS

The Bitgert team has plans to add this revolutionary utility product to the network. Windows, Linux, Mac, and other decentralized operating systems (OS) on the market have certain limitations, which will be addressed by the Bitgert decentralized operating system. The introduction of the OS is anticipated to revolutionize the game.

Geo Data Map 

The next big thing is Web2; as technology advances, geo mapping is predicted to become one of the most desirable market data. The Web 3.0 Geo Data Map being developed by the Bitgert team will offer geo-mapping solutions on a more efficient and enhanced platform. Because of this, this product will also be widely used in the actual world.


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