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Which nation is prepared for metaverse growth?

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Parameters required for growth in the metaverse

According to more technical parameters like fixed broadband connections and costs. Recent research identified which nations are prepared for the metaverse.

Whether or not customers are ready, the metaverse and virtual reality interactions rush toward them. However, from a technological perspective, there are some countries around the world where people are more prepared to accept a digital future.

To identify which nations have the potential to adopt the metaverse. Research combined fixed internet connections, broadband subscription costs, the number of blockchain monetary start-ups, and the price of high technology exports.

Netherlands tops the list

Netherlands is well suited for metaverse
Netherlands is well suited for metaverse

The Netherlands is at the forefront of the list because it has the best infrastructure to support such technologies. The Netherlands boasts one of the survey’s most considerable average fixed network speeds, at 106.51 Mbps. Additionally, the country exported high-tech goods worth almost $6,000 per person in the previous year.

In another poll, depending on the level of the consumer in the metaverse rated as being highest in the Netherlands.

Switzerland, Lithuania, Malta, and France follow the Netherlands. Well known that all of the nations in the five most essential spaces have expressed interest in the developing Web3 area. Specifically for a long time, Malta was a center for blockchain technology.

The United States and the United Kingdom, two significant nations involved in the construction of the virtual world. They were seventh and twelfth, respectively.


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