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The Ethereum Merge Update has reached its completion

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After completion, the Ethereum Merge will inaugurate a brand-new age for the second-largest network. The Ethereum (ETH) Merge is a significant update that will improve the blockchain’s performance and include new functionality. 

Ethereum Merge Launch

After years of research and delaying, the enormous Ethereum redesign known as the Merge has finally taken place. It transferred the electronic equipment at the center of the second-largest currency to a system that uses less energy.

It was no easy task to switch from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, two different ways to operate a blockchain. Before the Merge, Justin Drake, an anal at the organization Ethereum Foundation, noted that the metaphor he uses is the concept of taking out a motor from a working automobile.  He likes to compare it to the transition from fuel to electricity.

Ethereum Merge completed, Credit: Coingape
Ethereum Merge completed, Credit: Coingape

Effects of the merger

The reward might be enormous. Approximately 99.9% less energy should now be used by Ethereum.  According to Ethereum’s creators, the upgrade will also increase the network’s scalability and security. The network already supports a $60 billion community of crypto trading, lending organizations, non-fungible token (NFT) markets, and other apps. 

The notion that Ethereum, whose ether (ETH) token’s current market capitalization is close to $200 billion, making it the second-largest cryptocurrency behind bitcoin (BTC), will eventually make a transition. However, the shift required a challenging technological effort, one that many questioned would ever take place.

User reactions and future prospects

POW to POS network
POW to POS network

Over 41,000 individuals watched an “Ethereum Mainnet Merge Viewing Party” on YouTube as the Merge began officially. The administrators of Ethereum’s new proof-of-stake network, known as validators, were observed with eager anticipation as important metrics poured in. It indicated that they were acting as expected and adding new entries to the blockchain’s record. After around 15 arduous minutes, the Merge was “finalized,” which allowed it to be formally hailed as a triumph.

Crypto traders, aficionados, and skeptics have been eagerly watching the update, which reduces the network’s dependency on the resource-intensive operation of cryptocurrency mining. They will be observing the effects anticipated on the larger blockchain sector.

Ujan Chakraborty
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