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Vitalik Buterin foresees massive prospects for crypto in 2023

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Three massive prospects in the cryptocurrency have yet to be achieved. According to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin: widespread wallet usage, inflation-resistant cryptos, and Ethereum-powered webpage account credentials.

Vitalik Buterin has a different perspective for 2023

Vitalik Buterin Vision, Credits: bsc.news
Vitalik Buterin Vision, Credits: bsc.news

In response to Hoffman’s expressed concern that the acceptance wave for services and applications has now passed and that there is very little possibility for programmers to come in and create new decentralized applications, Buterin communicated his perspective on the cryptocurrency industry in 2023 during a press conference with Hoffman.

Instead, Buterin dismissed the limbo moment Hoffman alluded to, first arguing that additional advancements in wallet systems are required to make cryptocurrency simpler for average consumers to use and to assure that it can support large numbers of users.

Furthermore, Buterin asserted that the development of a stablecoin capable of withstanding all circumstances, including on-chain and within the larger macroeconomic conditions, would be groundbreaking for the sector. Such stablecoin would need to be easily scalable and immune to high inflation.

Finally, Buterin asserted that any technological advancements that help Ethereum usurp the login authority currently held by Facebook, Google, Twitter, as well as other centralized conglomerates would eventually allow Ethereum to gain a larger percentage of the market for web-based apps.

Future of the industry

However, Buterin acknowledged that as the business matured and competition increased. It was getting harder to fill holes in the industry.

The co-founder of Ethereum appeared to have spent the preceding few weeks educating others about the cryptocurrency sector. And offering guidance, along with his upbeat outlook on the upcoming years.

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