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Will October be as good as August for Bitgert?

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180% growth in August

Over the past few months, the price performance of Bitgert (BRISE) has been astounding. Although the price of BRISE has remained constant this month, it increased by 180% in August. Crypto specialists, on the other hand, are optimistic further about the BRISE coin for the month of October.

Crypto specialists estimate that the BRISE price will likely grow 5X in October. As a result, Bitgert will become the market’s most lucrative cryptocurrency. Other currencies are hence already feeling the effects of the BRISE price forecast. Following this revelation, more owners of other cryptocurrencies have joined Bitgert over the past few days.

Bitgert October Prediction
Bitgert October Prediction

Bitgert might grow 5X in October

Because of the upcoming advances over the next several weeks, Bitgert is anticipated to perform 5X in terms of value and return growth. In fact, BRISE has already begun to rise in advance of October after rising 27% the previous day as per the reports. Compared to other digital Coins in the market at the moment, this is much higher.

The bullish BRISE will be primarily driven by the expansion of the BRISE ecosystem. The roadmap v2 and the 1,000+ collaborations are two important elements driving the rapid expansion of the BRISE network. 

The items from the roadmap V2 and the numerous collaborations that will be announced over the following few weeks will cause BRISE’s price to soar higher than that of any other existing digital coin.

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