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Shiba Eternity is finally launching on October 1st, 2022

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  • The SHIB team stated that the game will be available for downloading in the application stores within a year in October 2021. The development team had promised that the Shiba Eternity official release date will be October 1st, 2022. They have kept their word.
Shiba Eternity
Shiba Eternity

Know about the game

A blockchain-based card game with the SHIB meme coin motif is called Shiba Eternity. The game’s creator spoke about it at Gamescom 2022. The game has seen enormous achievement since it was made available on the IOS store a month earlier.

The much-anticipated Shiba Inu game Shiba Eternity is officially available for download in Australia on the Android Play Store. The game was reportedly first made available to Apple App Store users in the country. Australia will essentially be the last testing area for the currency, according to lead designer Shytoshi Kusama, who made the statement on Sunday.

A successful test run of the game was previously completed in Vietnam. According to estimates, as the game gained popularity across the country, its developers increased network infrastructure by a factor of 50.

Kusama shares information

The SHIB project’s primary creator, Shytoshi Kusama, announced that the play-to-earn game will soon be released worldwide. Veterans of the SHIBArmy will explore the game once it is released globally and offer feedback as needed.

If a beta version of the game will be released, is not yet known. Kusama did make a suggestion that the game will be made accessible to all people everywhere. 

When Shiba Eternity releases globally, Kusama will continue to share intriguing information about the gameplay and what gamers might anticipate. According to Kusama, the game will also include a method for burning Shiba Inu’s native cryptocurrency, SHIB, in support of a number of ongoing burn efforts for the currency.

He continued by saying that the team will provide further information on why Shiba Eternity is beneficial for many elements of the Shiba Inu system, such as Shibarium, Shiboshi, and indigenous coinage.

It is notable that the game’s official release date has not yet been set. The game is still being tested in a few areas by the Shiba Inu creators. Since open testing began, Shiba Eternity has received a lot of attention. More than 3,000 downloads have been registered in Vietnam alone.

Shiba Eternity profits will be burnt

5% profits will come from the game
5% profits will come from the game

Shytoshi Kusama announced on Discord forum that 5% of the revenue from the Shiba Eternity video game will be burnt. The primary developer responded by advising opponents to do the calculations and look at the earnings of games like Hearthstone that are similar to SHIB Burning. Some, however, claimed that the proportion of future money assigned to SHIB combustion was too minimal.

At a Shiba Eternity Twitter Space Meeting, the Shiba team revealed the game’s official date of release as October 1, 2022. In addition to the release of the game, the Shiba Inu group has many big developments planned for 2022. The first of them Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s L2 blockchain, anticipated to go live by the end of Q3 2022.

Shiba Eternity is expected to be widely embraced when it releases internationally, and the development team is already making crucial moves to more than 50x the gaming server utilization.

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