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Zero-Cost Gas Fee in Bitgert Blockchain

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This post will take you through —

  1. Bitgert and its zero-cost gas fee blockchain.
  2. Everything you need to know about Bitgert.
  3. Threat to the contemporary blockchains in the market.
  4. What makes Bitgert the fastest chain?

How did Bitgert begin?

The crypto-universe is not solely comprised of Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Doge? It has “Ethereum-killer” tokens too.  This would include the Solana and Cardano tokens, two blockchain systems that claim an advantage over the Ethereum blockchain, but does not posses a zero-cost gas fee. 

Solana is creating one of the strongest blockchain networks, and the crew is exceeding expectations. Solana also had one of the finest scalable blockchains in current publications, documenting fifty thousand transactions every second. Such a transaction speed with a much lesser gas fee would have been completely inconceivable a few years back, however, the Solana group has presented it in much less than 2 years since the project commenced.

But Solana’s reign may be close to the end, as Bitgert (BRISE), another of the Solana-inspired cryptocurrencies, is working on a more potent blockchain. Bitgert is a money transfer system that allows users to conduct transactions effectively at zero-cost gas fee on a community network. 

Get an idea about zero-cost gas fee in Bitgert

Bitgert provides a blockchain that claims to be the first zero-cost gas-fee blockchain.  The blockchain panel members are dispersed throughout the world. As a result, no geographical customer base has a dominance. True decentralization, or so it appears for the time being.  The Bitgert eco-system has an extremely quick blockchain with more than 100 transactions per second, and its venture encompasses Defi, NFTs, and everything new in the crypto virtual world space. The Bitgert team has successfully built an efficient wallet for Ios and android devices and a centrally controlled exchange. 

Bitgert zero-cost gas fee as a threat to its competitors 

The expensive gas fee is as of now one of the most contentious issues in the cryptocurrency market. Traders are agitated about the increased gas fees in blockchains such as Ethereum. Indeed, many projects are relocating from expensive network systems like Ethereum to less expensive blockchain systems like Solana. However, Solana persists to charge a cost for all exchanges, although at a lower rate.

 Bitgert’s BRC20 blockchain technology has also surpassed Solana in terms of performance. This implies it is arguably the fastest chain on the supply chain. Bitgert is without a question the most impactful blockchain, with the zero-cost gas fee and the quickest chain. The zero-cost gas fee is among the most pressing concerns for most virtual currency projects, which are already burdened by high gas fees. Ethereum does have one of the highest gas fees, which can reach $50, making it among the most deeply worried projects.

Apart from the issues faced by the traders and other contemporary blockchains due to the high gas fee, the power absorbed while trying to extract and transact on blockchain technology directly contributes to the carbon footprint as well. It does have a significant impact on the climate. As a result, activists have already been urging to ban cryptocurrency. Crypto research teams, on the other hand, have been continuing to work on legitimate green technologies that would reduce the environmental threat it poses.

Bitgert appears to be taking a leaf out of the environmental policy book.  Ethereum, the 2nd most popular blockchain, performs 15 transactions every second with major gas fees, while Bitgert performs 100,000 operations per second through its BRISE chain with a nearly zero-cost gas fee of $0.00000001.

Why Bitgert is the most potent blockchain today?

Zero-cost gas fee can save the planet
Zero-cost gas fee can save the planet

The unveiling of the Bitgert blockchain will be the most significant development in the cryptocurrency community in 2022. Due to the obvious game-changing functions that the blockchain provides, it has gained popularity in the marketplace. However, one feature that has contributed to the Bitgert chain’s popularity apart from the zero-cost gas fee, is the Ethereum Virtual Machine also known as EVM. 

The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain’s most appealing feature has always been the zero-cost gas fee, which tends to make the Bitgert chain’s emission of gas the lowest. The Bitgert blockchain has also managed to reach 100k transactions per sec, causing the BRISE chain to become the fastest blockchain in the industry. However, the EVM, also known as Ethereum Virtual Machine has been one of the primary reasons for the Bitgert blockchain’s success.

 The Ethereum Virtual Machine provides a lightning-fast smart contract platform. Smart contracts are merely programs that run when certain criteria are met and are stored on a blockchain. They are typically used to digitize the implementation of a deal so that all respondents can be certain of the overall result instantly, without the engagement of an independent third party or time loss. This is one of the factors that has allowed the Bitgert team to achieve the quickest blockchain today.

Bitgert: The next big blockchain?

Bitgert is also popular among developers and traders due to its EVM compatibility, which allows them to relocate from the Ethereum blockchain to experience zero-cost gas fees and the quickest transactions through a blockchain in the industry. Hence, it provides the fastest and cheapest solution for all cryptocurrency issues faced by developers, traders, and researchers.  

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