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‘Father’ of the Metaverse launching metaverse blockchain LAMINA1

Neal Stephenson, Father of the Metaverse is focusing on adding values to the work done by artists and creators in this metaverse blockchain and making sure that they are being paid well for their work.

The author who coined the term “Metaverse” 30 years ago, is very soon going to launch a Metaverse blockchain project known as LAMINA1. Specific details to this projects are still unopen. However, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin has already marked his name in the list of early investors.

Stephenson has revised this thoughts for the Metaverse and said that the hybrid approach for the Metaverse that covers both 2D screens and AR/VR tech will be more utilized, as opposed to purely VR.

According to a Wednesday announcement from OG crypto investor and former Bitcoin Foundation chairman Peter Vessenes, he and Stephenson have co-founded a new layer-1 blockchain called LAMINA1 that they hope will act as the “base layer for the Open Metaverse.”

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