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Earn money playing the Plant vs Undead NFT game

Play-to-earn games have existed for many years now but only recently have they gained widespread popularity. Thanks to the concept of NFTs, many gamers are now finding more reasons to upskill their sport now that these games are offering monetary benefits. Of course, this could mean spending more hours watching screens, but hey, at least there is the scope of making money while doing it. One such game that is now one of the most popular play-to-earn games is Plant vs Undead. Inspired by the video game plant vs zombies, this NFT game requires players toward the Undead off their NFT gardens in survival mode and plant trees, crops, etc., in farming mode. In addition, players can earn assets, tokens, etc., within the game that they can later trade off in the marketplace. 

How to play Plant vs Undead? 

There are two modes in the game: Survival and Farming mode. One can make money by playing in either of the modes.

Farming mode: 

You need to first add the metamask extension to your browser to get started. Since this game runs on Binance smart chain technology, it has to be linked to your wallet to enable transactions. Like how ETH is for Ethereum, BNB is for binance smart chain. All the games that run on the binance smart chain can make purchases using BNB. Hence, you first need to buy BNB and then exchange it for PVU on PancakeSwap. One needs 5 PVU (Plant Vs Undead tokens) to start playing the game. Each PVU roughly costs about $0.05 as of April 2022. 

Once you have 5 PVU in your metamask wallet, you will get access to the farm. Once inside, you can convert PVU into LE (Light Energy). Each PVU equals 70 LE. This conversion requires some processing fee too, which will be deducted from your metamask wallet. Following this, you can claim your free land and start farming. Then, you can buy various crops, water, etc., in the market using LE. 

Survival Mode: 

Like any typical defence tower game, one has to do everything in their capacity to save their NFT garden from the invasion of the Undead. When you successfully defend your land in one wave, you will get PVU tokens as rewards. You can later convert this PVU into BNB and your preferred currency. 


Plant vs Undead is a great online game that is relatively user-friendly. It also does not require high investments instead of other games in the market, such as Axie Infinity. However, if one is expecting monetary benefits from this game instead of just deriving entertainment, one must do thorough research to know the game in depth. Only then will the player be able to plan the game and earn multiple rewards strategically. 

Nithya Reddy
Nithya Reddy
Nithya is a medical student passionate about personal finance and technology. She's often found scrolling through the news or writing bits of her own views. She claims herself to be the jack of all trades but master of none, yet believes that it is often times better than a master of one.


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