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Inbetweeners NFT: What’s the history behind Justin Bieber’s favourite NFT?

We’ve all heard of the famous UK-based sitcom, the inbetweeners. However, another inbetweeners has been making the headlines recently. What’s even more intriguing is Justin Bieber’s endorsement and undeniable interest in this new inbetweeners NFT. So what is the history behind this NFT collection, and how did Justin Bieber get involved? Before getting into the details, let’s begin by knowing the creative minds behind this successful NFT collection. 

Gianpiero D’Alessandro and Pasquale D’Avino

Gianpiero D’Alessandro and Pasquale D’avino are childhood friends who lived in small towns in Naples, Italy. While the former was the creative head behind the unique teddy-bear inspired cartoons, the latter took care of the management and soon became the company’s CEO. The idea of launching their own NFT collection came to them when they were on a business trip in NYC through a few agents who had long admired D’Alessandro’s work as an artist. 

Before coming together to launch their NFT collection, both friends were busy in their own ventures. D’Avino had a fashion brand called ‘Throwback’ while D’Alessandro had collaborated with Justin Bieber for his fashion brand ‘Drew House’. However, how did D’Alessandro meet Justin Bieber? 

Gianpiero D’Alessandro and Justin Bieber’s chance meeting. 

In March 2019, Justin Bieber stumbled across an exciting artwork of his wife Hailey and their pet Oscar. Impressed with it, Bieber decided to shoot a DM to the creator, who happened to be none other than Gianpiero D’Alessandro. Thus took off their friendship. Soon enough, both of them collaborated for Bieber’s Fashion brand ‘Drew House’. Eventually, when D’Alessandro and D’Avino decided to launch their NFT collection, Justin Bieber was one of the earliest investors and influencers who had actively promoted the collection. 

inbetweeners nft

The Success of Inbetweeners NFT collection 

Inbetweeners NFT is a collection of 10777 hand-drawn cartoon characters inspired by the creator’s idols such as Lionel Messi, Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson, etc. Their first drop on December 15th had instantly sold out, giving them a great kick-start in their NFT journey. Inbetweeners NFT collection runs on Ethereum blockchain and has a floor price of 0.44 ETH and traded ETH 11.7k volume. 

The fact that Justin Bieber had a keen interest and had several times promoted the NFT collection on his Instagram, where he has over 200 million followers, had contributed to the massive success of this project. Although Bieber endorses the collection, he is not an investor in the company and has only supported his friend’s art and talent. Soon enough, various celebrities, such as Tom Holland, took an interest in this unique NFT collection. 

What’s next for the Inbetweeners Brand? 

Despite the massive success of the Inbetweeners NFT collection, the creators refuse to rest easy. Putting all of his prior knowledge to use, D’Avino aspires to make Inbetweeners a global brand. He is already preparing to get into clothing and merchandise. Recently, Dolce and Gabbana, an iconic fashion brand, announced that it is dropping a new NFT collection collaborating with Inbetweeners. Soon, 100 lucky holders will be able to attend a live art show by D’Alessandro in Los Angeles. They will also receive printed canvases with their autograph. 

The Inbetweeners’ core concept was staying neutral, refraining from extending into the far right or left. This had resonated with many, including Bieber himself. Coupled with his unique art, D’Alessandro had managed to revive his holders’ childhood to create a space for all like-minded individuals. 

Nithya Reddy
Nithya Reddy
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