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Is the metaverse pushing users toward identity theft?

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The metaverse is pursuing users at top speed. Brands and businesses are embracing digital realism. And a recent poll indicates that customer interest is growing concurrently with all the activity.

The probability of criminal behavior in virtual reality also increases as more individuals participate in metaverse activity. According to a survey from the cybersecurity company Kaspersky, misuse and exploitation of the metaverse are expected to increase over the coming year.

Possible threats in the metaverse

Threats include identity fraud and abuse associated with avatars. As well as scams—which are to be anticipated with online interactions. 

Andrew Newman, chief technological officer and co-founder of security researcher ReasonLabs and longtime design professional of Microsoft’s Windows Defender anti-malware program, to gain a more thorough understanding of the hazard identification and potential consequences users may encounter when interacting with virtual reality.

More advancement will lead to more risks  

Growth in metaverse will increase the chances of online identity threats
Growth in metaverse will increase the chances of online identity threats

The main idea that people need to grasp is that users’ digital identities are likely to become their metaverse identities.

According to Newman, a criminal may attempt to persuade a user that they require access to their persona for a wide range of reasons with the ultimate objective of hijacking their online identity. As cash or digital currencies are linked to metaverse personas, identity management attacks are a typical occurrence.

Users’ access to digital goods with actual value is constantly growing, both in terms of quantity and variety. This suggests that as digital reality develops, cybercrimes and theft increase complexity.


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